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Maggie’s Blue Rose

(Visited December 9, 2019) This place puts the “fun” in fundido! Outstanding Queso Fundido with chorizo at Maggie’s Blue Rose on Catalina Island. One of our newest favorite restaurants in Avalon. We go at least twice during each visit. Always stunning margaritas and among the best chips & salsa.


As many people have noticed recently, our Ramona Denny’s has really turned things around! Could not have been more evident on our last visit! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner experience here and will certainly be back soon. I was astonished at not only the level of attentive service, but how quickly everything came out! I remember back in the day being the only one in the restaurant and waiting literally 30 minutes for a simple breakfast to come out. And I’m not exaggerating on either account. 

I tried one of their new burger specials, the “Southwest Chorizo Burger”. Beef burger blended with chorizo sausage and topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, pepper jack queso and some sort of five pepper sauce. Served with lettuce, mater, red onions and pickles on a cheddar bun, with fries. Only $11.19. The burger was outstanding with a distinct smoky and spicy chorizo flavor. As hearty as that bun was though, it succumbed to the hot & juicy patty and moist burger-set. After a few bites it all turned into a hot mess, but it was delicious. Highly recommended.

Maggie’s Blue Rose

This place puts the “fun” in fundido! Outstanding Queso Fundido with chorizo at Maggie’s Blue Rose on Catalina Island.

Manana’s Mexican Food

Chorizo con Huevos with bowl shaped rice at Manana’s!

La Cocina

Had an outstanding breakfast recently at La Cocina! A super delicious chorizo con huevos, served with rice (& beans), a daub of guacamole & pico, and hot tortillas, all on their signature foam plate. $8 & change.

The chorizo here is excellent! Mildly seasoned and not at all greasy, unlike many others I’ve had. If you’ve never had chorizo before, try it. If you ever see a chub of chorizo at the grocery store, do not read the ingredients. Actually just avoid that one and order it the next time you’re at your favorite taqueria.


Recently I tried the new Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Jack & Egg Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks. I know it looks dreadful, but it was actually pretty tasty. It was not the traditional “loose” type chorizo you get at taco shops but more of a cohesive patty. Almost like sausage, but it had a decidedly distinct chorizo flavor. The only problem was the stone-baked potato bread it’s all served on. I think it was cooked too long, because it was very tough and hard to bite through in places. Wish the tater bread had a softer, chewier consistency.

Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar is an outstanding new restaurant in Carmel Mountain Ranch!!  Here’s the phenomenal Lockhart Legend Burger and an excellent chorizo queso. 

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