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The Par LoungeĀ 

Oaks Grille / The Par Lounge still make the best tasting and most beautiful Cobb salads in Ramona.  That, I can tell you!


Panera Bread

One of the best tasting, yet most haphazardly constructed Cobb salads around. 

O’s American Kitchen

I’ve written about O’s before and their lineage of name changes so I won’t rehash all that.  They bill themselves as a unique casual dining experience, bringing the SoCal community hand crafted flavor and quality ingredients.  The standouts here are definitely the amazing breadsticks and great salads.  Here’s a Cobb salad for lunch recently that was more satisfying than any greasy burger!


The Par Lounge

One of my favorite Cobb salads continues to be the one at Par/Oaks Grille.  I have noticed though that the portions are getting noticeably smaller, unfortunately.  Last time I ordered this it was more substantial.  They use such fresh ingredients and present it skillfully.  Love their balsamic vinaigrette too!


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