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Cincinnati Chili

Last summer I made this Midwest comfort food classic known as Cincinnati Chili! Turned out excellent! As far as “ways” go, this would be 4-Way. Sketti, chili, cheese and onions. I just had to add that beautiful sliced jalapeño from my garden to crown the top. The ultimate irony here is that I happen to be drafting this blog post while on a business trip in southwest Ohio! First place I ate after landing at the airport was the famous Skyline Chili. Keep an eye out for that post in a few months.

Baked Rigatoni

Outstanding baked rigatoni with bechamel sauce! This was a great recipe we made recently from Giada De Laurentiis. Italian comfort food at its finest. Turned out excellent. Props to anyone who knows which other Food Network star this beautiful baking dish is from.

Chicken Charlie’s Table

I had never heard of a “lobster slipper tail” until Chicken Charlie showed me the way! Super delicious battered and deep fat fried.

Detroit Pizza

We made another outstanding homemade Detroit Pizza! This time in lieu of red sauce, I made a white, creamy Parmesan/garlic sauce. Then topped with chunks of grilled chicken, crispy bacon and a pound of cheese!

Penne Alla Vodka

Outstanding homemade Penne Alla Vodka with Italian sausage!

Detroit Pizza

Another outstanding homemade Detroit Pizza! This time with Canadian Bacon! I just can’t get over those crispy, cheesy edges.

Detroit Pizza

Another homemade masterpiece, this time Detroit Pizza! This is a style of pizza developed back in the day in Detroit, MI. It is a rectangular pizza that has a thick, crisp crust and toppings to the edge. A ton a cubed cheese is what makes this pie. Special pan available from Amazon; Lady FoodObs perfected the dough recipe; the rest is history. Our new favorite homemade pizza. Recipe was inspired by Jeff Mauro on the Food Network.

Linguine con Vongole

Outstanding homemade Linguine con Vongole made with fresh clams from my favorite Costco in Poway, CA!

BBQ Chicken

Outstanding homemade BBQ chicken legs from my trusty Weber kettle! Paired perfectly with some Sweet Baby Ray’s and a nice, cold Modelo Especial.

Homemade Nachos

Outstanding homemade BBQ pulled pork nachos! Made with the best tortilla chips in SoCal from El Nopalito Tortilla Factory in Encinitas, CA!

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