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Claim Jumper 

Outstanding Salmon Oscar at Claim Jumper!  Grilled salmon fillet topped with jumbo lump crab meat, lemon butter and grilled asparagus spears.  Definitely one of the best seafood dishes I’ve enjoyed at CJ!


Pinto Thai

Outstanding dinner recently at Pinto Thai! Crab Fried Rice for $13.99. Made with fried jasmine rice, fresh crab meat, egg, green & white onions, peas, carrots and tomatoes in their special sauce. I’m not exactly sure what was “special” about the sauce, but it was a very good fried rice dish. 

This one did not have the traditional up front soy sauce flavor, it was more delicate and subdued. It did however have a great spicy note with unique, herbaceous and fresh tasting flavors. The consistency was on the drier side compared to most fried rice dishes I’ve had. You’ll find a liberal amount of crab throughout, although no lump meat! It mostly consisted of smaller bits of a more institutional, foodservice grade quality of crab. Fairly conservative amount of egg and green onion. Would have benefitted from more. For those of you who love cucs, Pinto garnishes most of their plates with several thick slices of cucumber. Acts as a nice cooling agent when you have a spicy dish.

This was a huge serving that could have been easily shared by two. I ate most of it and I’m pleased to report that it did not leave me feeling all bloated afterwards.

Da Tuna Shack 

While at Da Tuna Shack the other day trying the onion rings I also ordered a Softshell Crab Sandwich. For $11.95 it’s made with softshell crabs (duh), cabbage, red onions and a tangy tartar sauce. All sandwiches include your choice of crispy (crinkle cut) french fries or “tasty” tots and a side of sweet coleslaw.This was a really good sandwich that I would order again. The bun was high quality, warm, soft, grilled and obviously bakery fresh. Softshell crab was a fairly conservative amount, but breaded in a very flavorful, somewhat spicy batter. There were some areas that had nice meaty chunks, but fairly flat elsewhere. The cabbage and onion were a perfect cool, crunchy compliment to the whole thing. Tartar sauce was indeed tangy and very good.  

Tater (tasty) tots are not that common on restaurant menus, so I always order them when available. This plate included a very generous amount, freshly fried. I made my own dip concoction consisting of ranch dressing and some sriracha squirts. Very nice!

I was not a fan of the slaw. It was clearly fresh and housemade, I just didn’t personally care for chunks of fruit mixed in. Not my thing.

All in all, a great meal at a decent value. I might try the mani-mahi or jumbo shrimp sandwich next time.

Ruddy Duck Brewery & Grill

Back in Southern Maryland for a few days. This place is relatively new and just steps from the hotel I stay at in Solomon’s Island. My usual place for crab cakes was chained up for some reason so I tried the Ruddy Duck and it was pretty decent. I sat in the bar and they were setting up for trivia night I believe. Literally right behind my table. I finished quickly and made a bee line for my room across the parking lot. I’d rather watch bad karaoke than endure drunk trivia.



Captain’s Table

Here’s another neat little restaurant in Solomon’s Island, nestled in southern Maryland. This one is decidedly more of a dive than the last one, but I like the food here better. You have to drive through a gravel lot, past a seedy motel to get here. It is the perfect setting though, right on the water. This time I got the crab cakes broiled, and added a cup of their excellent cream of crab soup. I could take a bath in this it’s so good!




Stoney’s Kingfishers

Every now and then I make it to southern Maryland on business and always have my favorite crab cake spots. There is a small touristy town called Solomon’s Island that have two of my favorite places. This is part of the Stoney’s family of restaurants, the Kingfisher. Here’s two fried crab cakes with fries and slaw. Next place I’ll order them broiled, I think the pic will turn out better.



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