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Jack in the Box 

The so-called brunch Burger at Jack in the Box was pretty tasty!  



Outstanding chocolate croissant at Starbucks!  Best eaten warmed up.  Grab extra napkins! 

Catalina Island Brew House 

Outstanding chocolate croissant at Catalina Island Brew House!  This place is great!  They specialize in coffee in the morning and beer in the evening.  The perfect “brew” house in my opinion. 

Jack in the Box 

These croissant breakfast sammich things at Jack in the Box are pretty tasty…

KD’s Donuts 

KD’s Donuts for breakfast! Tried one of their “Filled Croissants” for only $1.75. They have cream cheese; cream cheese with random fruit fillings; or ham & cheese ($3.25).  These croissants are huge! Roughly the size of a deflated football, or maybe a calzone someone sat on. You can elect to have it warmed (microwaved), which I opted for. The croissant itself seemed fresh and somewhat flaky. Nothing really remarkable about it. Eating the first half it seemed as if there was no cream cheese filling! It wasn’t until about half way through that I began to discern a slight cream cheese flavor and creamy sensation in my mouth. It’s possible that whatever cream cheese was present within just wound up weeping into the bottom dough layer during the heating process. It was a decent enough breakfast for me at a good price, just be advised that the term “filled” might be a misnomer. 

Dunkin Donuts

Tried the new “Maple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich” at Dunkin Donuts last weekend. Made with egg, sausage patty, some sort of white cheese (not sure what it was), all on a croissant. $3.49, sandwich only.  Much better than the terrible chicken biscuit I had there back in the day. Although I will say the best part of this sandwich was the warm, toasty croissant. The egg was fairly institutional tasting; cheese had no discernible flavor; sausage had a nice, somewhat sweet maple-y flavor.  

I’m going back soon to try their new “Lemon Croissant Donut” – looked really good!

Jack in the Box 

Recently I bypassed my usual sausage biscuit with egg at McDonald’s and headed straight to JIB to try the “Supreme Croissant”. For only $3.69 you get grilled bacon, ham, a freshly cracked egg and American cheese enveloped in a warm, flaky croissant. Bacon was pretty skimpy, only two small pieces in the center but this was a good breakfast sammich that did not leave me feeling abdominally distended afterwards. Croissant held together nicely without falling apart. Continuing to be impressed with the service at our JIB. So far, no space cadets taking my order! I especially appreciate how they bring your food straight to the table. I only wish the dining area was kept a little more tidy.

Dunkin Donuts

Recently tried the chicken salad on a croissant at DD.  Typically they have the choice of tuna or chicken salad, but our Ramona DD only has chicken salad for some reason.   Would have preferred tuna myself.  Looks like a hot mess, but it was pretty tasty.  Best part was the warm, flaky croissant.  The chicken salad could have been a bit tighter.  


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