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Par Lounge

Recent dinner at Par Lounge. Had a big Chinese lunch that day so I got something light. I went out on a flimsy limb and ordered the Grilled Shrimp “Cocktail”. At $11 it’s 4 charbroiled tiger shrimp, horseradish infused mater sauce, avocado, preserved lemon, celery heart and cilantro salad. It was decent, but I was left wanting more out of it. Like more shrimp. Not something I would order again.


Oaks Grille

One of the best sammies I’ve had so far at the OG/Par Lounge is their Croissant Club. Made with shaved turkey, ham, white cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and honey French dressing. All on a flaky croissant. Generous cheese slices were a welcome touch. Not typical in most restaurant sandwiches. The fries were crispy, seasoned and somewhat thin, just how I like them.


Bass Pro Shops Fish Company

On my way to the high desert for a couple days so I had to stop by this neat place in Rancho Cucamonga off the 15. This is a restaurant connected to a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This is the fried shrimp and crawfish. Had a nice seat by the fireplace. I’m sure my wife is going to be upset she wasn’t with me.

We were actually here last summer and I had the same dish. I always love crawfish but where I usually get them (Popeyes) it’s seasonal. November only I believe, so this was a real treat.



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