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Dunkin Donuts

Feeling the love at Dunkin Donuts!!

KD’s Donuts 

KD’s Donuts for breakfast! Tried one of their “Filled Croissants” for only $1.75. They have cream cheese; cream cheese with random fruit fillings; or ham & cheese ($3.25).  These croissants are huge! Roughly the size of a deflated football, or maybe a calzone someone sat on. You can elect to have it warmed (microwaved), which I opted for. The croissant itself seemed fresh and somewhat flaky. Nothing really remarkable about it. Eating the first half it seemed as if there was no cream cheese filling! It wasn’t until about half way through that I began to discern a slight cream cheese flavor and creamy sensation in my mouth. It’s possible that whatever cream cheese was present within just wound up weeping into the bottom dough layer during the heating process. It was a decent enough breakfast for me at a good price, just be advised that the term “filled” might be a misnomer. 

Dunkin Donuts 

As promised, I’m back at Dunkin to try their new “Lemon Croissant Donut” ($2.49). So glad I returned because this thing was outstanding! I’ve had some pretty mediocre donuts at our DD but this one exceeded my expectations! It’s a seasonal offering so don’t expect it to be around forever.  I don’t even know how to begin to describe what all it is, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. There is an impressive tunnel of sweet lemon filling throughout. It does get kind of awkward and cumbersome towards the end. The way it’s shaped, when you take bites at the end it forces lemon to spooge out the other side, so be careful.

Dunkin Donuts

Not the best donut I ever put in my mouth, but I’m still glad we have a Dunkin here in my small town!

Dunkin Donuts 

Last Valentine’s Day we treated ourselves to an outstanding display of romantic donuts from our hometown Ramona DD!

Dunkin Donuts

Not long ago, DD opened up in our small town.  It was met with both great fanfare and an equal amount of derision.  I really didn’t care one way or the other.  After all the pomp and circumstance died down, I went in to try it all out.  Here I’ve sampled a couple different donuts, the crueller and the cronut (croissant donut).  I’m not gonna sugar coat it.  The donuts are not that good.  What keeps me coming back are the great iced coffee drinks and most importantly the inclusion of a Baskin Robbins!  My favorite ice cream 😊



Donut Touch Bakery

Donuts these days are coming in the oddest shapes, varieties and sizes.  This little donut shop in 4S Ranch is such a gem.  Much better than the mediocre Chinese fastfood restaurant it replaced.  This place even makes the bacon covered maple bars…


Donut Touch Bakery & Cafe

There is a fantastic new donut shop in 4S Ranch called Donut Touch. It’s actually more than just a run of the mill donut shop. They also have bagels and sammiches. Shown here are my favorite French creullers and maple bars adorned with chunks of bacon! Yes, you heard that right…




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