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Way Point Saloon

Recently tried some new great appetizers at Way Point Saloon in Ramona, CA! Mac & cheese egg rolls made with their delicious bacon mac & cheese. It’s rolled up in an egg roll wrapper, then fried, etc. it was just excellent. Also tried their new spin on tater skins. Marinated steak and bacon crumbles fill these deep fried tater boats, then it’s topped with two different melty cheeses, green onions, etc. It was really tasty.

Cheesecake Factory

Such a thoughtful collection of small plates available at The Cheesecake Factory! This time I tried the cheeseburger spring rolls. Simply delicious. Hot, crispy and surprisingly good. Also their Greek salad. Those were some serious cucumber chunks though! Could have been chopped a bit smaller.

Pho Ca Dao & Grill

Outstanding filet mignon pho and crispy egg rolls at Pho Ca Dao’s newest location in Poway! Perfect comfort food meal now that the weathers cooling off.

Jack in the Box

JIB makes the best egg rolls in fast food! Better than some Chinese restaurants I’ve been to.

Jack in the Box 

My two favorite things at JIB!!  Outstanding fast food egg rolls and panko crusted onion rings. 

Frozen Egg Rolls 

I recently tried some P.F. Chang’s frozen egg rolls from my grocers freezer.  They were outstanding!  Crispy, flavorful, etc.  Kind of small, but tasted like restaurant quality.  These were made with dark meat chicken, cabbage and carrots.  Also included a signature sauce packet.  Whatever that means.  If you ever run across these in the store, I highly recommend them. 

Jack in the Box

These fast food egg rolls from Jack in the Box are outstanding!!  Better than some Chinese restaurants I’ve been to, dare I say.  Big, thick, hot & crispy!

Pho Hoang Express

First time trying this dish called Pho (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) and it won’t be the last!  I selected a more simplistic version with sliced rare beef.  You can get with all sorts of tendon, organ meat, etc.  No thank you.  Also added an order of great Vietnamese egg rolls that were so crispy, hot and perfect. 

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