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The Oaks Grille 

Outstanding brunch recently at The Oaks Grille! I’ve reviewed this dish ad nauseam over the years, so I’ll keep it brief. Still the best order of Eggs Benedict in Ramona with perfectly poached eggs. Price has gone up to $10.25, but it’s still a good value when you factor in the two complimentary glasses of champagne.


Oaks Grille

I’ve reviewed this dish ad nauseam over the years so I’ll keep it short. Oaks Grille still has the best Eggs Benedict in Ramona. Perfectly poached eggs (most of the time) and a great view. Outstanding hollandaise sauce too… For weekend brunch, only $9.95 which includes two glasses of champagne!

The Main Course Restaurant 

Kicked off birthday weekend with a great breakfast at The Main Course Restaurant. I love Eggs Benedict and they have four great varieties. Traditional; Gravlax; California Lobster; and Prime Steak :)I’m old school so I ordered Traditional ($12). Great job on the dish here with an outstanding presentation. Eggs were poached a bit too long though, resulting in hard yolks. Usually at other places I have to send it back because it’s undercooked and the whites are loose. This is the first time it’s gone the other way. Still very tasty though. The Hollandaise was on the delicate side and somewhat bland.

Really good potato side. Seemed like thinly sliced fingerling potatoes sautéed with onions and peppers.

Overall experience and service from everyone was top-shelf as always!

Happy New Year!


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