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Miguel’s Cocina

Excellent Enchilada Rancheras at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch! House-made spicy ground beef with onions & cheese, blanketed with a rich and flavorful ranchero sauce, avocado & crema.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Two of my favorite things at Nuevo Girl in Ramona! Excellent carne asada enchiladas!

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding “Enchiladas Rancheras” at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch! House-made spicy ground beef with onions & cheese, blanketed with a rich and flavorful tomato ranchero sauce, avocado & crema.

Miguel’s Cocina

My new favorite dish at Miguel’s Cocina – “Miguel’s Trio Burritos”! Three mini burritos with Miguel’s signature sauces; carnitas with verde, carne asada with red enchilada, and shrimp with jalapeño cream. Simply excellent. Such a combustion of flavor.

Hacienda Casa Blanca

One of the finest, most exciting dishes I’ve enjoyed at Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon – “Tres Enchiladas”! It consists of three of their most popular enchiladas. One cheese enchilada in red space, one enchilada a la crema filled with shredded chicken, and one enchilada Suiza covered in a tomatillo sauce and filled with chicken.

Miguel’s Cocina

Excellent Enchiladas Rancheras at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch!

La Cocina

Outstanding enchiladas combination plate at La Cocina in Ramona! I see they have graduated from styrofoam plates to heavy duty paper plates. That makes me happy.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Enchiladas so huge and delicious you only need one! Outstanding chicken verde enchilada at Nuevo Girl in Ramona, CA!

Garcia’s Kitchen

Visiting with family in Albuquerque, NM! When in New Mexico it’s all about the chili and I of course was happy to partake. We had dinner at Garcia’s Kitchen on Juan Tabo Blvd in Albuquerque. I ordered a dish called “Dan’s Special” (How could I not!). 8 oz NY strip steak with two cheese enchiladas smothered in your choice of chili. I had it “Christmas style”, which is both red and green chili (go figure). This was an outstanding, well rounded dish. The chips and salsa were definitely legit. A nice change from the SoCal Mexican food I’m used to. 

Some additional fun pics: Stopped for tasty chicken snacks at a Popeye’s attached to a travel center in the middle of nowhere (aka Holbrook, AZ) off the I-40. View from the dumpy Hampton Inn in Albuquerque was less than stunning.  

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding “Plato del 4S” at Miguel’s! Grilled skirt steak ala tampiquena and shrimp enchilada. One of the reasons I consider this place among the finest Mexican restaurants in San Diego is that every dish I order becomes my new favorite. Also the best chips, salsa and queso in SoCal! 

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