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Taco Bell

Tasty chicken rolled tacos at the Bell! Don’t think they’re on the menu anymore…


Taco Bell

This naked egg taco thing is probably the biggest culinary abomination I’ve ever been served at Taco Bell!

Panda Express

One of my favorite fast food Asian restaurants has always been Panda Express. I’m very predictable with my two item combos. Always orange chicken and chow mein, plus the wild card. This time I had the Beijing Beef and it was outstanding.

Taco Bell

I love a good wet burrito and have had many throughout SoCal over the years. When I discovered that the Bell had a smothered burrito, I had to try it. It was surprisingly tasty! I’d recommend ordering this but I don’t think it’s on their menu anymore.

Jack in the Box

This so-called Brisket Burger at JIB was surprisingly good!

Taco Bell

Dinner recently at the Bell; finally tried the Doubledilla! I wasn’t quite sure how to pronounce it so it left me, and likely the cashier somewhat embarrassed. It’s got a double portion of grilled marinated steak, creamy jalapeno sauce and a 3 cheese blend, all grilled up in a flour tortilla. Chicken was also an option. Either is only $4.99. I requested it “double-pressed” which crisps up the tortilla a little more and really melts that cheese. One of the best things I’ve had at Taco Bell. Served with chips and a surprisingly tasty salsa.

Taco Bell

Not every special at the Bell is a hit with me! This Double Chalupa thing, shaped like a boat, was awkward and cumbersome to eat. Plus, not nearly enough meat for the cavity size.


Outstanding ‘mix & match enchilada plate’ at Ramona Rubio’s recently! Your choice of any two of their three styles of enchilada. I ordered (and recommend) the pan-seared shrimp enchilada with verde sauce and the grilled chicken with a fire-roasted enchilada sauce. Both enchiladas are layered with a blend of melted cheeses and cilantro/onion, then wrapped in toasted corn tortillas & topped with salsa fresca and a drizzle of white sauce. Served with a side of black beans and Mexican rice, $8.49.

I was impressed with these enchiladas. I really liked how they did NOT render down into an incomprehensible mess, like many Mexican restaurant enchiladas. And they were not buried under a mountain of shredded lettuce, like many taco shop enchiladas. Their preparation method kept them tight, with great texture and mouth feel. Best part was having the two types of excellent, flavorful enchilada sauce. Despite their petite size, the enchiladas contained a decent amount of shrimp and chicken, respectively, proportional to their size. Mexican rice was tasty but not served hot. Fairly lukewarm in fact.

Taco Bell

One of my favorite things to order at the Bell for breakfast are these tasty mini skillet bowl things! Tremendous value at only a buck and super delicious. Made with scrambled eggs, taters, nacho cheese and pico de gallo. I always have them add either seasoned ground beef or steak to make it a perfect meal.

Taco Bell

The so-called Naked Chicken Chips at Taco Bell were pretty tasty. Not sure about chicken with the squirt cheese though. I think I’d just rather have some McNuggets from Mc you-know-where with some spicy mustard sauce. I’ll stick with my beloved Beefy Frito Burrito at the Bell.

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