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The Par Lounge

Outstanding fish & chips!


Galley at the Marina

Casual waterfront dining on south San Diego Bay in the Chula Vista marina. Galley at the Marina is a great restaurant, bar and grill ideal for a leisurely lunch, sunset dinner, or weekend breakfast. I had the classic fish & chips which were just excellent. A generous portion that included slaw. If it wasn’t an hour from home we’d go more often for sure…

The Oaks Grille

Tasty order of fish & chips at The Oaks Grille. Not the best I’ve had in town, but a respectable dish nonetheless. They have a new version made with a sriracha batter that I’d love to try soon.

Boll Weevil 

The best order of fish & chips in Ramona is still at Boll Weevil!  Thursday nights only, all you can eat.  This has been a weekly tradition at the Weev for sometime.  Despite the prices creeping upward, it’s still the best value in town. 

Boll Weevil 

Still the best fish & chips in Ramona!  Only on Thursdays that is… I think the price has gone up a couple dollars but it’s still the best value in town for all you can eat. 

Antonio’s Pizzeria 

Tremendous order of fish & chips from a pizzeria of all places!

Boll Weevil

All you can eat fish fry at The Weev is still the best deal in Ramona, every Thursday 5-8pm! We enjoyed their iconic weekly special recently and I have a few observations. You’ve seen me review this dish ad nauseam over the years so I’ll just stick to last night.The fish (fresh battered pollock) seems to be cut into smaller portions. The initial serving is noticeably more conservative in size. Fortunately though, being AYCE, more is right around the corner.

I dearly adore their wooden bowl salads and always get blue cheese dressing. Last night it was obvious the blue cheese had changed and not for the better. It has a noticeably more tangy taste and visually appears somewhat loose and unappealing. I asked the server about it and they have unfortunately changed to a gluten free version. Not sure why, but I’ll be trying a different dressing next time.  

Again, such an amazing value at only $7.99 ($5.99 with coupon). 

Boll Weevil

Living in SoCal I can have great Mexican food anytime, so I had no problem celebrating last Cinco de Mayo with all you can eat fish fry at Boll Weevil! Still the best value in Ramona every Thursday night. Only $7.99 ($5.99 with coupon), includes great AYCE fish, fries and salad in a wooden bowl. 5:00-8:30 pm, while it lasts…  We always love visiting The Weev with the outstanding service, good beers on draft, excellent hand-crafted milkshakes, etc.

Marinade on Main

Fish & Chips at Marmalade on Main ($15.50). I was glad to see it served on a real plate rather than a wooden plank. Comes with two huge, thick, meaty cod fillets, beer battered & fried. Perfectly cooked, flaky, moist and what not, crispy on the outside. Served with a fairly conservative portion of fries that are crispy and lightly seasoned. Really good fries. Tartar sauce was outstanding, seemed house made. Malt vinegar and lemons are also available on request. I’m not gonna sugar coat it – the coleslaw wasn’t very good. Basic shredded cabbage and carrot affair, dressed sparingly with some sort of salty vinaigrette. Not at all creamy if that’s what you like. Unfortunately it sympathetically absorbed the warmth of the hot food on the plate. Probably would have been best served on the side in some sort of ramekin to keep it cold.

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