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Bumbleberry Flats

Outstanding Southern Pecan French Toast breakfast at Bumbleberry Flats! This is such a great restaurant, it seems to be an institution in Laughlin, NV. Definitely eating here again next time we’re in town. Unfortunately the hotel it’s connected to is a dump.


Breakfast at Amerient Restaurant (Country Cooking & Oriental Cuisine). All the reviews I’ve seen (including mine) are from the Chinese side of the menu. I thought it was time to check out something from the “Country Cooking” side!Here’s a dish called “French Tradition” for $7.25. Two eggs “as you like them”, with two slices french toast and your choice of sausage patty or bacon.

Scrambled eggs were a generous portion, but fairly overcooked with some browning. French toast was made with thin sliced sandwich bread. Bacon was cooked very well done and not thick.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, this was very average for a restaurant meal. Imagine you just woke up from a bender; went to your friends apartment and he made you breakfast. It might turn out something like this.  

Anyway, I think I’ll stick with the Chinese food at Amerient.

Carl’s Jr. 

So, I had to try this new breakfast sammich at Carl’s.  French toast with sausage, egg and way too much syrup!  The French toast was tasty but the syrup was a bit much.  I felt like I had to take a shower when I was done…


Hotel breakfast

All done in Hartford. This was at the airport Doubletree this morning. Interesting thing was all the buffet selections were in Le Creuset Dutch ovens. 6 of them! These are like $300 pots! Needless to say, I was impressed.



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