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Grand Ole BBQ

Outstanding “El Borracho” Fries at GOB!

STACKED: Food Well Built

We love STACKED in Fashion Valley Mall and would probably go more often if the parking lots weren’t so jacked up. This time we had one of their STACKED Mac offerings. Spicy Sausage & Bacon, kicked up with the spicy, smokey flavor of chipotle. The whole thing is stacked with andouille sausage, jalapeño bacon, maters and red onion. Definitely an outstanding and spicy adaptation of mac & cheese that had my nose running in no time. Also enjoyed a beautiful order of garlic Parmesan fries with some of their signature dipping sauces. Everything here is extremely customizable with options that will suit any taste. Highly recommended if you’ve never been. Just avoid the place during December and weekends.

Grub Burger Bar

One of the best appetizers in SoCal! Cheese fries with grilled, thin-sliced jalapeños, bacon, etc. I dearly adore the skinny, crispy shoestring style fries they use. The burgers are always top shelf and I usually order something different every time. This appetizer though is a must for each visit.

Urge Gastropub

Outstanding Beer Cheese Fries at Urge Gastropub in Rancho Bernardo! Founded in 2010, Urge is the American reinterpretation of the traditional English pub. One of my favorite restaurants in RB.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Without a doubt, Freddy’s is one of my favorite fast food restaurants! This time I ordered Freddy’s Original Double! Two outstanding steak burger patties, cheese, mustard, onion & pickle on a toasted bun. I think the biggest standout for me are their remarkably thin patties. It makes for the perfect charred surface area to meat ratio. They also have two delicious types of fry sauce that you can serve yourself out of a giant squirt dispenser.

Eastbound Bar & Grill

Recently tried Eastbound Bar & Grill in beautiful downtown Lakeside! We absolutely fell in love with this place! I really like a good loaded fries type dish so we went in for one of their “Skillet Fries” creations. This is the Carne Asada Chipotle Cheese. Fries blanketed with melted cheddar jack, chipotle sauce and carne asada. Outstanding! Also shown below is The Rodeo burger. Fatty half pounder with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and two crispy onion rings. And you can’t go wrong with 26 beers on tap! There’s something for everyone here.

Marinade on Main

Lately I have been enjoying some great burgers in Ramona from some of our town’s well-known establishments/bars. Of all my visits to Marinade On Main though I’ve never tried their burger, until recently.

I ordered their “Signature Burger” and it was just outstanding! Farm raised chuck angus beef patty, cheddar, onion bacon jam, arugula, tomato, pickle and garlic aioli. Comes with hand-cut fries or pasta salad, $14.50. A farm fresh egg, avocado or bacon can be added to any burger or sandwich.

What stands out about this burger is its simplicity. The beef really shines through it all and it’s very clear to me that Marinade is using beef of a remarkable quality. From my understanding it’s a grass fed angus beef from a prairie farm in northern California.

The onion bacon jam is really good! Slightly sweet and smokey tasting. What comes on the burger was difficult for me to discern on its own so I’d recommend requesting some extra on the side.

Bun was an excellent bakery brioche style that was lightly toasted and stayed in tact throughout. Unfortunately the bun circumference was slightly larger than the beef patty. I like to see a more proportional bun/beef ratio.

Tremendous job from all the staff! I always see everyone working so hard and it’s very evident to me how much pride they take in the restaurant.


I’m a big fan of the Baconator Burger at Wendy’s, but their so-called Baconator Fries leaves something to be desired. It’s pretty much just fries with some squirt cheese and a few pieces of bacon. Dave Thomas must be spinning in his grave.

Brigantine Seafood

I’m not a big fan of the smothered fries phenomenon, but these chowder frites at Brigantine were outstanding!


Outstanding spicy chicken sammich at Chick-fil-A! My favorite thing to order every time I go. Love the added pickles and an extra squeeze of mayonnaise.

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