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Plaza Grill 

Loaded Fajita Fries at Barona Casino’s Plaza Grill are just outstanding!  One of the best, most beautiful dishes they make.  One of our new favorite restaurants near Ramona, they also make great clam chowder.  Can’t resist ordering a cup whenever we go!


Boll Weevil 

Still the best fish & chips in Ramona!  Only on Thursdays that is… I think the price has gone up a couple dollars but it’s still the best value in town for all you can eat. 

Boll Weevil

Best value in Ramona!  Thursday night AYCE fish fry at the Weev!

Plaza Grill

Another outstanding meal at Plaza Grill!  Steak fajita fries and an amazing Reuben sammich!  

Way Point Saloon

Outstanding dinner at Way Point Saloon! This place (includes UTHG) remains consistently in the top two burger spots of Ramona. While Gail continues to order her beloved “Mountain Man”, I always try to branch out to something different. This time I had “The Rancher”. Made simply with smoked cheddar, bacon, onion rings & BBQ sauce… That’s it! Only $12.95, includes side.It’s served open faced with a tower of onion rings stacked atop the hot, juicy beef patty. The whole thing is artfully drizzled with a decent BBQ sauce. I wound up having to eat most of the rings separately, leaving about one or two before I was able to construct the burger in a way I could actually pick it up. (Wish I had brought a change of clothes). This was actually perfect because I dearly adore both their beer battered fries and onion rings. Choosing fries as my side allowed me to enjoy both! 

Outstanding service as always. Love all the great folks that keep WPS/UTHG humming.

Boll Weevil

Living in SoCal I can have great Mexican food anytime, so I had no problem celebrating last Cinco de Mayo with all you can eat fish fry at Boll Weevil! Still the best value in Ramona every Thursday night. Only $7.99 ($5.99 with coupon), includes great AYCE fish, fries and salad in a wooden bowl. 5:00-8:30 pm, while it lasts…  We always love visiting The Weev with the outstanding service, good beers on draft, excellent hand-crafted milkshakes, etc.

Boll Weevil

More often than not, I need to bring a change of clothes to the Weev.  Then take two showers when I get home!  You can see why here with their outstanding “Cowboy” Burger and The Messy. 

Kaminski’s BBQ & Sports Lounge

Great place for happy hour, especially the big, meaty chicken wings!  Outstanding garlic fries too.  They came out very hot and crispy.  


So is this really better for you without the bun?  I honestly don’t get it.  I do know it makes it such a hot mess to eat.  And these fries they call “animal style” I think.  Talk about hot mess, this is it!  It’s okay for the first few bites but the fries quickly go all limp. 😖


Salsa Mexican Food

Carne asada fries have been discussed at length in one of our local Ramona Facebook groups. I decided to try them last week. In fact, we discussed it briefly on one of Ramona Town Radio’s recent morning shows.  This was from Salsa Mexican Food. I had never tried fries in a taco shop dish before (including the so-called California burrito). I can see I haven’t been missing much. I honestly don’t understand the attraction. First few bites were decent, but the fries quickly became all soggy and cold which made it a chore to eat. I’d much rather have a pile of carne served over hot, fresh and crispy tortilla chips.

I can see this being really good though if you’ve drank too much! Otherwise, it just seems too heavy…


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