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El Taco Loco Shop

Quite possibly the best order of rolled tacos in Ramona, CA! At El Taco Loco Shop inside Ramona Market. Their guacamole substance is somewhat loose in consistency, but I appreciate that they cover just about every square millimeter of my taquitos.


Casa Reveles

Outstanding taquitos with all the fixin’s at Casa Reveles in Ramona! Not the best Mexican food around but it’s always a delight to see Victor.

Maggie’s Blue Rose

This place puts the “fun” in fundido! Outstanding Queso Fundido with chorizo at Maggie’s Blue Rose on Catalina Island.

Los Amigos

There is this phenomenon that occurs at many SoCal taco shops called creamy guacamole. Or guacamole Americano. Or as I like to call it, green mayonnaise. Anyway, a lot of people may scoff at it, but I’ve developed a fondness for it over the years. Especially good atop rolled tacos. For me, there is a time and a place for both the legit, chunky, guacamole Mexicano and this stuff.

Los Amigos 

One of the better looking orders of rolled tacos I’ve had from Los Amigos.  Usually we get them to go, and the takeout wrap job, plus the drive home tends to leave them looking like a sad sack.  This is one of the reasons I always like to dine in!  

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Outstanding chips & guac appetizer at Chili’s.  Only wish the chips were a bit thicker.  They tend to break too easy trying to get a daub of that great guacamole. 

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