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Victor’s Kafe

Outstanding Chicken Shawerma (pronounced “shower-ma”) pita sandwich at Victor’s in Rancho Bernardo!

Pete’s BBQ & Burgers

Finally tried the outstanding lamb gyro at Pete’s Smoked BBQ & Burgers! You can order it made with either lamb or chicken, plus fries, only $9.99. Traditional gyro pitas only include tomato and onion, sometimes lettuce. The gyro at Pete’s goes all out and adds cucumber, pepperoncini and a liberal amount of tangy feta cheese as well! Underneath all that is a generous portion of their hot, tender, flavorful gyro meat. 

This gyro was so righteously stacked I had to eat about half of it with a fork before I could even think about picking it up. The tzatziki sauce was house made and very tasty, although somewhat loose in consistency. Pita bread was warm and supple, just how I like it. First time having fries at Pete’s and I was really impressed. Hot, crispy, beer battered style. Among the best I’ve had in town, that I can tell you! I highly recommend trying this one if you’re a fan of the gyro.

Victor’s Kafe

Outstanding gyro pita at Victor’s Kafe in Rancho Bernardo! Thinly sliced beef & lamb from the vertical rotisserie is enveloped in a warm soft pita, served with rice, salad and an excellent tzatziki sauce.


I celebrated National Sammich Day in style recently. Went to my favorite sandwicheria in town, Quizno’s! Been wanting to try their new gyro flatbreads – so that’s what I did. These two gyros cost only $7.20. A big league value!

The gyro meat was very tasty. A seasoned beef & lamb mixture that was tender, flavorful and moist. Also included crumbled feta, banana peppers, shredded lettuce, maters & onion, topped with tzatziki sauce. Traditional gyro sandwiches usually don’t include feta and peppers but on this Quizno version it really made it a standout. Highly recommended! Overall, the whole combination of flavors and textures was just outstanding. I only wish the flatbread was a little softer/more supple.

Players Sports Bar

Tasty gyro sammich at Players in Poway! The meat seemed to be shaved unusually thin though. Outstanding tzatziki sauce and some of the best thin, crispy fries I’ve had in Poway.

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