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Plaza Grill

Outstanding teriyaki chicken with steamed rice and mac salad at Barona Casino’s Plaza Grill! A classic Hawaiian dish that I’ve loved for years, I was glad to see them add it to the menu. Plaza Girl always has a thoughtful selection of delicious menu items ranging from lobster rolls, to burgers, to sushi. They’re adding new things regularly. I really enjoy dining here.

Homestyle Hawaiian

One of my new favorite restaurants just down the hill in Lakeside is Homestyle Hawaiian! I had an outstanding teriyaki chicken plate that included the traditional sides of steamed rice and mac salad. I also tried this thing called spam musubi that I’ve always been intrigued by. It was surprisingly tasty! Homestyle Hawaiian has five locations throughout San Diego County and is well worth visiting if you haven’t been.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

This week I tried L&L Hawaiian BBQ for the first time. There’s several in San Diego, I went to the one in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Here’s a BBQ chicken plate, served with rice and mac salad. I was disappointed that the mac salad was fairly warm. Wish it was served in a side container. It just winds up steaming in the hotbox with the chicken, rice, etc. This was a good and filling meal, consisting of three big BBQ chicken thighs basted with their tasty teriyaki glaze.

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