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The Par Lounge

(Visited November 27, 2019) Outstanding Cobb Salad at The Par Lounge in Ramona! One of my favorite things to order here. Can’t wait for this ‘Rona mess to be over so I can have another one.

Sombrero Mexican Food

Excellent “Healthy Chicken Bowl” at Sombrero! The perfect thing to order when you don’t want to be bogged down by a heavy, fatty tortilla. Tastes great, too.

Ramona Family Naturals

RFN has an extraordinary selection of pre-made salads and sandwiches! This time I tried the delicious “Robb Jr Salad”. Their creative version of a traditional Cobb salad. Made with organic romaine lettuce, natural hard boiled eggs, maters, onion, natural smoked turkey breast, blue cheese and an excellent creamy vinaigrette. The only thing missing is bacon and avocado. Only $7.49, this outstanding salad ate like a meal! Perfect for grab & go or enjoy on their beautiful patio.

Plaza Grill

Outstanding grilled chicken salad and my favorite IPA from Coronado Brewing Company at Barona Casino’s Plaza Girl!

The Par Lounge

Cobb salad is back on the menu at The Par Lounge and it’s still the best one you can find in Ramona! I only wish they’d use normal balsamic vinegar and not the white stuff.

Which Wich

Most sandwich shops these days give you the option of ditching the bread and having your sammich as a salad. I tried one recently at Which Wich. I created an order that mirrored a traditional Cobb salad as best I could. It was very tasty and ate like a meal, just wasn’t quite the same. The avocado was all mashed up guacamole style and the sliced turkey was overly salty.

California Fish Grill

Outstanding grilled sea bass, Cajun style at California Fish Grill! One of my new favorite restaurants in El Segundo.

The Par Lounge

OG/Par makes some of best looking and best tasting Cobb salads in SoCal! This particular visit though they used a white balsamic vinaigrette. Wasn’t really a fan. I much prefer the traditional dark balsamic that has a more distinct flavor.

The Par Lounge 

Oaks Grille / The Par Lounge still make the best tasting and most beautiful Cobb salads in Ramona.  That, I can tell you!

Ramona Family Naturals 

Ramona Family Naturals is dedicated to providing healthy food choices and to educate consumers on the importance of what they eat.  RFN is a family owned and operated natural food market located in the heart of San Diego county.  They specialize in local organic produce, raw milk, grass-fed organic meats, vitamins & supplements, as well as many specialty foods.  They also have an outstanding selection of grab & go salads, sides, soups, sandwiches, etc.  All made fresh at their store using quality ingredients.  

Located at 642 Main Street in Ramona, CA.  Call them toll free at 800-778-3515.  Or visit them online at

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