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Mac & Cheese

Outstanding homemade Italian style Macaroni and cheese!


Carnitas Tacos 

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos!  Our slow cooker pork shoulder yields so many amazing meals. 

Homemade Ramen 

Recently made a kicked up homemade ramen thing that turned out pretty tasty!  Just start with one of those cheap grocery store ramen packs and add some cut up green onions, sprouts, sriracha, lime, etc. 

BBQ Chicken Nachos

Outstanding homemade BBQ chicken Nachos!!  We’ve been lucky to find great, authentic tortilla chips in our local market from El Nopalito in Encinitas, CA. 

Carnitas Tacos 

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos with cotija cheese!

Fettuccine and red sauce 

Threw this one together pretty quick with what I had on hand.  Fettuccine pasta with red sauce and Costco meatballs!  Outstanding meal, I think I need to lay down now. 

Carnitas Nachos 

Outstanding homemade carnitas Nachos!  

Carnitas Nachos

Outstanding homemade carnitas nachos!  Made with our slow cooked pork shoulder in the slow cooker.  So much you can do with this blank canvas of pork goodness.  My favorite usually being something Mexican inspired.  

Carnitas Tacos

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos with salsa verde and queso fresco! 

Homemade Pizza Roll

I just love making these homemade pizza roll things using canned Pillsbury pizza dough.  Just roll it out, spread around shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, whatever the hell else you want, roll it all up and go from there!   Be sure to cut some slits in the top and do a good egg wash brushing before popping in the oven.  

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