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Olive Garden

Excellent lunch portion of “Lasagna Classico” with an Italian sausage at OG in Carmel Mountain Ranch!

Piero’s Italian Cuisine

Such a remarkable dining experience and exquisite service at Piero’s Italian Cuisine in Las Vegas! In business since 1982, Piero’s is a treasured Las Vegas staple. Known for it’s fabulous cuisine, unique atmosphere and five-star service. They have been a hangout for Vegas locals, politicians, celebrities and even notorious mobsters. In fact, a portion of my favorite movie (Casino) was filmed at Piero’s. I’ll definitely be returning to this special place whenever I return to Southern Nevada.

Villa Capri Trattoria & Wine Bar

Exquisite “Tagliatelle Gamberi Mascarpone e Rucola” at Villa Capri in Poway! Fettuccine with shrimp in a mascarpone cream sauce with fresh arugula. We also had the “Linguine con Capesante e Gamberi”. Linguine with scallops, shrimp, diced tomatoes, served in a spicy light pink sauce. Such creative, beautiful and well executed Italian dishes here.

Domino’s Pizza

I can always count on our local Ramona Domino’s Pizza for quick, tasty, inexpensive pies! Particularly their handmade pan pizzas. Ordering through the app is really fun. You know by name who is crafting your pizza and follow it along every step of the way until it’s ready.

Best Pizza & Brew

Best Pizza & Brew in Carmel Mountain Ranch was a refreshing surprise! I really enjoyed visiting and will definitely be back soon and perhaps regularly. Aside from a dizzying array of beers on tap, there is a thoughtful menu of modern pizzeria foodstuffs. I ordered the two slice & pint special. Pizza by the slice is always a risky proposition, and they had a sizeable selection to choose from. I had one buffalo chicken and one all meat, both were warmed up for service and fresh tasting. “Best” pizza might be a stretch, but it was certainly very tasty. The amount of cheese did seem somewhat conservative. Since it was Monday I had to try some chicken wings! They’re up to $1.25 each now for their Monday special but that’s not really surprising all things considered. There’s a handful of glazes to choose from and I did the Korean. They were very good, meaty, crispy, etc. All highly recommended.

Piacere Mio

Outstanding “Petto di Pollo Limone & Capperi” at Piacere Mio Del Sur! Chicken breast sauteed in a lemon white wine sauce with a touch of cream and capers. Very nice dish complimented with their house made pasta. Ordering this dish is kind of a mouthful though. I think it would be easier to just say “chicken piccata”.

Piacere Mio

I had the Lasagne Alla Bolognese on my second visit to Piacere Mio and it was exquisite! It was evident the thin layers of pasta sheets were house-made. Definitely meat forward but I liked it. Among the finer examples of lasagne I’ve put in my mouth and so beautifully plated. It was odd however that the host questioned my wife and I if we had reservations. While the restaurant was mostly empty. Their website states that they are not currently offering reservations at this time. Kind of awkward.

Villa Capri Trattoria & Wine Bar

Outstanding Cannelloni at Villa Capri in Poway!

Buca di Beppo

Such a rare and shocking occasion! Myself, Lady and Jr FoodObs all agreed on what to share at Buca di Beppo! We were at the Garden Grove/Anaheim location; across the parking lot from our hotel on a recent Disneyland trip. “Quattro al Forno”. Cheese manicotti, chicken cannelloni, cheese ravioli and stuffed shells. Rounded it all out with a giant meatball.

Cheesecake Factory

Outstanding “Baked Rigatoni” at CKF in Esco! I’ve been wanting to try this dish for some time, but it’s always been unavailable until this visit. Made with ground chicken instead of beef or sausage (you couldn’t tell). Such a creamy, cheesy, saucy, meaty, heavy dish. So good, but not something you want to eat everyday.

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