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DiCicco’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Decent Chicken Parmigiana at DiCicco’s in Escondido.

Ottavio’s Italian Restaurant

Outstanding Lasagna Bolognese at Ottavio’s in Lakeside, CA!

Wynola Pizza & Bistro

Excellent BBQ Chicken Pizza at Wynola Pizza! Delicious thin, crispy wood-fired crust. It’s super easy to eat the whole thing. Unfortunately the Caesar salad was not nearly as good as before. Seems as if the Parmesan cheese was an endangered species this time.

Mamma Ramona’s

Outstanding Chicken Piccata at Mamma Ramona’s!

Olive Garden

Excellent “Lasagna Classico” with an Italian sausage at OG in Santee!

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Outstanding Chicken Scaloppine at Macaroni Girl in Esco! Bread service was terrible however. Unfortunately this location has permanently closed.

Cafe Luna

Exquisite “Rosetta” at Cafe Luna in Carmel Mountain Ranch! Fresh made pasta, ham, Swiss cheese, cream & Parmesan baked off.

Pizza Nova

Tasty Chicken Piccata at Pizza Nova in San Marcos!

Piacere Mio

First of all, I just have to say how much I love this restaurant’s name! Piacere Mio translates to “It’s my pleasure”. To say it is an authentic Italian restaurant is an understatement. This place could not be more legit Italian! I dine out all over the country and was really impressed. I ordered one of my go-to faves, Spaghetti Carbonara. Probably one of the best carbonara’s I’ve put in my mouth. I could really taste the egg; ample pancetta and the pasta was perfectly al dente. Check this place out! I highly recommend for a top-shelf Italian dining experience.

Cheesecake Factory

Stunning manhole cover sized chicken parm at CKF in Esco! They call it Chicken Parmesan “Pizza Style”. I was able to eat almost half of it before tapping out. 😅

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