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Mamma Ramona’s

Outstanding “Lasagna Al Forno” at Mamma Ramona’s! This place really excels at baked pasta dishes. I’ve had many of them and all are delicious. I love their fresh wooden bowl salads. I think it makes it taste better for some reason. Garlic bread hot out of the oven is always abundant and tasty. And the best deal going right now is $5 glasses of all their wines, everyday! There are a number of nice, local Ramona wines to choose from.


Amalfi Cucina Italiana

Amalfi Cucina Italiana features authentic Italian cuisine with stunning views overlooking Lake San Marcos! The restaurant is quite large, modern, spacious, clean and airy. Service was top-shelf. Started with Polpette (Italian meatballs in marinara) and a “Caprese Chef” made with heirloom tomatoes. Both were outstanding. I ordered Lasagna for the main and would probably not order that again. It was a very rustic version, probably in line with how it’s prepared in Italy. Every bite was a mouthfeel of repetitive layers of soft pasta sheets and not much else. It became tiresome after a while. The Tiramisu for dessert was excellent and beautifully presented.

Olive Garden

Excellent lunch portion of “Lasagna Classico” with an Italian sausage at OG in Carmel Mountain Ranch!

Piacere Mio

I had the Lasagne Alla Bolognese on my second visit to Piacere Mio and it was exquisite! It was evident the thin layers of pasta sheets were house-made. Definitely meat forward but I liked it. Among the finer examples of lasagne I’ve put in my mouth and so beautifully plated. It was odd however that the host questioned my wife and I if we had reservations. While the restaurant was mostly empty. Their website states that they are not currently offering reservations at this time. Kind of awkward.

Ottavio’s Italian Restaurant

Outstanding Lasagna Bolognese at Ottavio’s in Lakeside, CA!

Olive Garden

Excellent “Lasagna Classico” with an Italian sausage at OG in Santee!


Outstanding “Homemade Lasagna” at Oggi’s in Santee!

Buddy V’s Ristorante

Beautiful “Nonna’s Lasagna Al Forno” at Buddy V’s inside the Venetian in Las Vegas!

Tiramisu Trattoria

I really enjoyed visiting Tiramisu Trattoria in downtown La Mesa! The restaurant is fairly small and most charming. Perfect for a date night with a great selection of Italian wines. Service was very good and professional. I easily made reservations via the Yelp app, but wound up not needing them as we were the only patrons at the time. The menu here is one page, consisting of appetizers, pizzas, composed pasta dishes and entrees. Some of my Italian restaurant favorites were sadly missing though, such as chicken parmigiana, carbonara, cannelloni, etc.

I ordered the “Lasagna Bolognese” and it was outstanding. A decent sized portion that was plated nicely and held together well. It did not fall apart on itself as some poorly constructed lasagnas do. It was served mostly hot throughout, although the center mass was somewhat cool. My Insalata Cesare (Caesar Salad) was excellent. Appropriately dressed, although was somewhat lacking on their tasty croutons. Bread service here is exquisite! Two types served warm and fresh tasting; a focaccia and some sort of Italian loaf. Comes with a side a EVOO and balsamic. We laid waste very quickly to the first basket and the waiter thoughtfully brought us another without fuss. Really impressed!

You cannot go to a place called “Tiramisu Trattoria” and not order tiramisu for dessert! Honestly, I was kind of surprised and expected better. It was rather plainly presented and tasted similar to many other tiramisu I’ve had at other Italian restaurants. I would not consider it a stand out or anything special but it was tasty nonetheless. Overall this place is a fantastic restaurant and I highly recommend.

The Bootlegger Bistro

On the way back from Utah we stopped in Las Vegas for lunch! One of my favorite restaurants there is Bootlegger Bistro. A phenomenal Italian restaurant steeped in rich history and tradition. I enjoyed an excellent lunch portion of lasagna, accompanied by an exquisite bread service.

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