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Amici Pizza, Pasta & Subs

I have not been to Amici in almost five years! Not much has changed, except they seem to have an expanded dining section that is cordoned off with a chain. I ordered the lasagna and it was very tasty, $13.95. Not among the best I’ve had, but quite solid. Clearly house made. I was impressed that it was hot throughout, despite being served on a melamine plate. It wasn’t !hot!hot! like some lasagnas, but just hot. Pasta dishes here are not served with any sort of soup or salad which is atypical from most Italian restaurants. This is more of a pizza place anyway than traditional Italian restaurant.
My side of sausage and meatball ($4.95) complemented the pasta-heavy lasagna perfectly. The meatball was pretty average, although definitely much better than the “beef balls” I had recently just a few doors down. The Italian sausage was outstanding. Had a nice, rich fattiness to it. My son had an order of cheese ravioli and he really liked it. Meals here are served with a generous portion of their excellent garlic bread. Service was just fine, from the owners I believe. For the prices charged however, full table service would have been nice.

Jimmy‘s Italian Kitchen

One more trip to Jimmy’s while in Ohio to try their lasagna. I just love this restaurant. I ordered the meat lasagna and it was excellent! Baked in the oven until piping hot with lots of cheese, etc and a flavorful red sauce. The meal was served with tasty garlic rolls and a fairly underwhelming house salad. I certainly look forward to eating here again if I ever return to southwest Ohio.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto

I have eaten lasagna at many Italian restaurants across America. One of my favorites will always be Filippi’s! There’s is very cheese forward so I always recommend adding a meatball or sausage (or both) to round it all out.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto

(Visited November 23, 2019) Excellent order of half & half spaghetti and lasagna at Filippi’s in Santee! It was accompanied by a huge, tender and flavorful meatball and one of the best antipasto salads you’ll find anywhere. Filippi’s is a San Diego institution, in business since 1950. They’ve grown into a small chain of old-school red sauce Italian restaurants dotted throughout SoCal.

Olive Garden

One of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth at any OG is this ‘Lasagna Mia’ thing! It’s a four-cheese lasagna rollata, topped with your choice of sauce and accoutrements. I ordered it with meatballs and meat sauce. Unfortunately, this was a limited time special and not available right now. So sad that the best dishes always disappear. I hope they add it to their regular menu someday.

Pizza Nova

One of my favorite modern Italian/pizza restaurants in SoCal is Pizza Nova! This time we were at their San Marcos location and I tried the “Locally Famous Lasagna”. Fresh egg pasta sheets layered with meat, ricotta, Parmesan, goat cheese, mozzarella and smoked provolone, baked in their wood-burning oven. It was excellent! Unfortunately their Caesar salad this time was not as remarkable as before.

Marechiaro’s Italian Restaurant

Outstanding lasagna at Marechiaro’s on Olde Highway 80! Layers of fresh, homemade pasta sheets enveloping Italian sausage, beef, ricotta, mozzarella and Romano cheeses, then baked to perfection.

Tony’s on Aviation

I always love eating at Tony’s whenever I’m in El Segundo! Such a no frills, old school, super affordable eatery. I ordered lasagna again and it looked great. Unfortunately it was stone cold in the center. Next time I’ll just have to ask them to hold it in the oven longer because I really do like this place.

Gaetano’s Italian Restaurant

We recently tried Gaetano’s down in Lakeside and it was outstanding! Upon arriving it seemed like we might need a tetanus shot before going inside. Just look at that sign! It was legit Lakeside, that I can tell you. Once inside though I was totally impressed! A modern, clean, comfortable, welcoming and top-shelf environment.

Food was excellent! I had the spaghetti with meat sauce, meatball and sausage. Pasta was al dente; sauce was rich, hearty and flavorful. Bread service was decent. Salad was just mediocre. Jr had the lasagna. It looked very good although I didn’t try it.

In business for over 37 years, Gaetano’s is an east county institution! Definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been.

HoBo’s BBQ

We drove all the way from San Diego to check out HoBo’s BBQ and absolutely fell in love with the place! Wish we lived closer.  Super clean and comfortable dining area with an outstanding draft beer selection. Staff was on point and really friendly.  Loved the music playing, the art on the walls, as well as my favorite TV show featured on the big screen!

On to the food…  Lady FoodObs and I shared a 2-Meat Combo and an order of their legendary BBQ Lasagna.  Burnt Ends were tasty and the pulled pork, tender, moist and succulent.  I particularly appreciated that it did not come out sauced!  There’s two choices of excellent house-made BBQ sauce that you can add as you see fit.  Tater salad was really delicious and flavorful.  Clearly an original recipe and not all institutional tasting.

We were really looking forward to trying that BBQ Lasagna. Turned out better than I was expecting!  The perfect fusion between smoked BBQ meats and a traditional lasagna. This portion is huge, roughly a whole pound.  Perfect for sharing.

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