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Little Caesar’s

Went out on a limb and tried the “stuffed crust” pizza from our Ramona Little Caesar’s! I have to say it was surprisingly good. Probably because it was cooked to order and not sitting in their so-called “hot & ready” queue. I typically say that you can never have too much cheese. In this case, it did get somewhat tiring in the crust region. Will stick with traditional style pizza next time.




Little Caesar’s

Outstanding $5 Hot & Ready pizza from Little Caesar’s for the kids. I might have snuck a piece or two… Seriously though, one of the best deals around as long as it hasn’t been sitting in the hotbox too long.

Little Caesar’s 

Outstanding $5 hot & ready at Little Caesar’s!  It’s especially great when it comes out both!  More often than not, when it’s ready, it’s unfortunately been sitting a while getting all dried out, etc.  Timing is critical! 

Little Caesar’s 

Outstanding Italian sausage pizza from Little Caesar’s!

Little Caesar’s 

Little Caesar’s was both hot AND ready tonight!! 👍

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