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Buffalo Nickel Restaurant

(Visited December 9, 2019) Any visit to Catalina Island would not be complete without a trip to Buffalo Nickel Restaurant! We eat there every time we go. Just a short shuttle drive south of Avalon near the heliport. We always plan our island visits to include a Monday night. That’s when they do the pasta bar thing at Buffalo Nickel and my son dearly adores it. My burrito this time unfortunately wasn’t as good as previous visits.

El Taco Loco Shop

Quite possibly the best order of rolled tacos in Ramona, CA! At El Taco Loco Shop inside Ramona Market. Their guacamole substance is somewhat loose in consistency, but I appreciate that they cover just about every square millimeter of my taquitos.


Cheers of Ramona

The best deal in town right now has to be Taco Tuesday at Cheers of Ramona! Tried their tacos for the first time recently and I’m so glad I did. Only $1 each. Hard to believe, I know. These were bigger than I was expecting for only a buck. Made with a generous amount of mildly taco seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo. The nice thing is you can specify the doneness of the tortilla from soft to medium to crunchy. I opted for medium and it was the perfect consistency, texture and mouth feel.

These are not necessarily the most authentic style tacos. Not like what you might get at one of our area taquerias, but for a local bar on Taco Tuesday, and only $1 each, pretty hard to beat in my book. They’re all skillfully made to order and super tasty with just the right amount of greasiness. Outstanding value!

I could have easily eaten two more tacos but opted instead for one of their new loaded hot dogs that I’ve recently seen featured on their FB page. Stay tuned for that post tomorrow.

Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

One of the best things to order at Mi Ranchito are these outstanding flautas! Some of the best in town. Also tried a papa taco, (potato taco), or as I like to say, “tater taco”. Not one of the best things to order. Didn’t really care for the consistency of the potato. It seemed like pieces of mashed up, bland baked potato. I think if it were chunks of diced up, fried, crispy potato it would have been better. Certainly a beautiful looking taco though!

Carnitas Tacos

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos with salsa verde and queso fresco! 

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