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Casa de Pico

In business since 1971, Casa de Pico is a SoCal institution! Beginning in Old Town San Diego, they eventually moved to La Mesa in 2005. The atmosphere at their Grossmont Center location is simply stunning! Reminiscent of the spirit of their original Old Town location. It’s a fun, festive environment with vivid colors, hand-painted artwork, wrought iron chandeliers, etc. Food is outstanding, too! I enjoyed one of their signature dishes called “Senor Pico”. Beautifully grilled, thin-sliced carne asada with a taco and cheese enchilada.

On my most recent visit I had the Grilled Carnitas Burrito. This dish needs some work. The amount of serrano peppers inside really lit me up. Not very well balanced. Also, the tomatillo verde sauce on top was quite sparse. I even asked for extra. Was not served like a true wet burrito. The carnitas inside was in such huge chunks it kind of became a chore to eat. 

Every time we visit we always get the Concha de Guacamole! Such a fun and adorable guacamole appetizer that looks like a bird-like creature, nestled in a crispy flour tortilla bowl. Love their mariachi as well. I believe they’re there every Saturday evening.

La Palapa Mexican Restaurant & Cocktails

Outstanding #4 Combination, Tamale & Enchilada, at La Palapa in Lakeside!

Casa Machado Mexican Restaurant

Outstanding “Two Enchiladas” combination plate at Casa Machado! I ordered one beef and one cheese. Always a great meal and time when visiting here.

El Jalisco Bar & Grill

Beautiful order of “Lunch Steak Fajitas” at El Jalisco in Pawhuska, Oklahoma! Lady FoodObs embarked upon a road trip to Texas last February and came back through Oklahoma. Happened to be ice storms starting when she got there with roads shut down and whatnot. She had to spend an extra day which meant branching out from the usual Mercantile or P-Town Pizza. Seemed like a nice little Mexican restaurant for Oklahoma, with legit margaritas.

Mariscos Mar de Cortez

Outstanding “Queso Tacos” at Mariscos Mar de Cortez in Ramona! I ordered one carne asada and the other shrimp. Super messy to eat but so delicious.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Outstanding carne asada enchiladas at Nuevo Girl in Ramona! Biggest and best in town, that I can tell you!

Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant

Excellent “Tio’s TJ Hot Dogs” at Tio Leo’s in Poway! Tasty all beef franks, wrapped in bacon topped with grilled onions, maters and jalaps. The only thing missing was a nice slather of mayonnaise!

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding “Pollo Asado Burrito” at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch! Marinated grilled chicken breast sautéed with salsa fresca, then rolled into a flour tortilla, topped with enchilada sauce, jalapeño white sauce, guacamole & cheese. Such an exciting kaleidoscope of textures and flavors!

Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

Outstanding rolled tacos at Mi Ranchito in Ramona! Blanketed with a velvety guacamole Americano and a liberal amount of shredded cheese. The rolled tacos here are made with ground beef which I appreciate. Much cleaner bites.

Casa Machado Mexican Restaurant

Exquisite “Burrito Ranchero” at Casa Machado! Filled with tender, seasoned shredded beef, then blanketed with a rich & flavorful ranchera sauce. The whole thing is further adorned with cheese, guacamole and sour cream. It’s so good, you’re going to cry when you eat it.

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