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La Cocina

I’ve eaten flautas all over town and I’m happy to say that none have been terrible. Flautas at La Cocina however have been a remarkable standout! Standard order of two (beef or chicken) is only $4.99 and comes topped with shredded cheese, sour cream and an excellent, fresh tasting guacamole.

I usually order beef, but this time tried the chicken. These were rolled up with a ton of seasoned, shredded chicken. Probably the chubbiest flautas I’ve had it town.

Outstanding service, as always, at La Cocina.



Living in SoCal, I’ve been eating burritos pretty much my whole life. In fact, I dearly adore them! Lately though I’ve developed a fondness for the so-called “wet burrito”. Here’s an outstanding version from Rubio’s with their Baja Grill chicken burrito. Basically you take any burrito and blanket it with a liberal amount of enchilada sauce, verde sauce, etc. Some places use a ranchero sauce or even a creamy queso type sauce. What sauce is best usually depends on what kind of burrito is under it.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina 

Still the best enchiladas (and chips & salsa) in town. Loved my Chicken Enchiladas Verde from Nuevo Girl recently. I noticed they had some good looking Langostino dishes on the menu that I want to try next time. Service was nothing short of outstanding!!

Los Amigos

My favorite takeout burrito is from Los Amigos. Not the best burrito in town, but a good 15 minutes closer than all the other places. Pairs perfectly with a nice cold Modelo beer. 

Mi Casa Reveles 

It is my pleasure to review the outstanding chimichanga I had recently at Casa Reveles! Made with your choice of beef or chicken, plus cheese inside. The whole affair is topped with sour cream, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and tomato. (I could have done without the olives). Only $7.95.

This was definitely a big league chimi! Roughly the size of a chubby sock puppet. It was so long in fact that I felt like laying down after only eating half of it. The chim held a generous amount of seasoned, tender & moist shredded beef. I appreciated that it came with a sharp steak knife. Made it much easier to eat. All of the toppings were well proportioned and fresh tasting. It was among the top two of Ramona chimis I’ve had, that I can tell you! 

The red & green squeeze bottles contained exceptionally good house-made hot sauces. Unique, smoky and very flavorful without being too hot. Not like any I’ve had elsewhere. Worth checking out!

Taco Bell 

Outstanding order of nachos supreme at Taco Bell!

Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

Another outstanding order of flautas at Mi Ranchito! I ordered two for $4.50. You can get them individually for $2.25 each. The flautas rest atop a bed of shredded lettuce, then are topped with sour cream and shredded cheese. The whole thing is served on a narrow foam tray.
For decades I’ve eaten flautas at various taco shops throughout SoCal and these are pretty average sized. I’ve been to some places where they come out looking like small chimichangas!  
Here at Mi Ranchito they tasted just fine and two filled me up. They are filled with a fairly conservative amount of tender shredded beef.
Tortilla was nice and crispy; they were not at all greasy. I thought the amount of sour cream on top was reasonable and appropriate. Any more and it would have turned into a hot mess. 

Taco Bell 

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of visiting our new Taco Bell! I tried the “Double Stacked Tacos” for only $1 each. You can choose from three varieties. Nacho crunch; cool habanero; or spicy sweet. I got one nacho crunch and one cool habanero. Both were very good, although the cool habanero was the best. I like these better than the regular hardshell crunchy tacos that tend to break up and fall apart. There is a soft flour tortilla adhered to the hardshell by some sort of cheese substance. This made it much easier to eat without the whole thing disintegrating in my hands!

As others have noted, the parking lot is a complete cluster! Knowing this, I parked in the K-Mart lot over by Los Rancheros and made the short walk across the street. I highly recommend parking here during busy times. Easy in & out for sure! Dining area is extremely small and cramped, but I guess that’s the space they had to work with. Overall, happy to have the Bell in town for cheap and tasty eats.


I can always count on Rubio’s for the quintessential fish taco!

Homemade Carne Asada 

Outstanding carne asada from Stater Bros in Ramona!  Their flap meat is consistently excellent.  

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