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Pete’s Plaza Cafe

(Visited December 10, 2019) In all our trips to Catalina Island we’ve never tried Pete’s Plaza Cafe until this visit! About a block inland from Crescent Avenue in the heart of Avalon is a no frills kitchen with covered outdoor seating. They serve a variety of foodstuffs but seem to specialize in tacos. We took advantage of their great Happy Hour $1 taco special. We ate light because there were bigger dinner plans in store for us. I really enjoyed these carne asada tacos and cerveza. Their salsas were excellent. Pete’s will definitely be a must visit on all our future trips.

Maggie’s Blue Rose

(Visited December 9, 2019) This place puts the “fun” in fundido! Outstanding Queso Fundido with chorizo at Maggie’s Blue Rose on Catalina Island. One of our newest favorite restaurants in Avalon. We go at least twice during each visit. Always stunning margaritas and among the best chips & salsa.

El Torito

(Visited December 8, 2019) Excellent chips & salsa at El Torito in Dana Point, CA!

Miguel’s Cocina

(Visited November 29, 2019) Excellent lunch special at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch! Delicious chicken flautas, hot & crispy. There’s two of them, but cut to look like four. They were beautifully presented nonetheless. Topped with shredded lettuce, Pico de gallo, shredded cheese and a daub of guacamole. The lunch special also included a cup of their outstanding albondigas soup. (Mexican meatball). One of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Sombrero Mexican Food

(Visited November 26, 2019) This is the “Special Burrito” at Sombrero’s, and what a marvel it is! Your choice of shredded beef or chicken with (beans), rice and lettuce made into a huge burrito roughly the size of a small pillow. The whole thing is then made amazing with a liberal blanketing of their signature enchilada sauce and cheese. Unfortunately they did not top with nearly as much cheese as the last time I had one. I could eat this everyday but I’d probably weigh 300 pounds…

El Adobe de Capistrano

(Visited November 18, 2019) In business since 1948, El Adobe is a stunning, old restaurant in beautiful San Juan Capistrano! In fact, the site has been designated a California State Historic Landmark. I ordered the “President’s Choice”. It was a favorite of President Nixon, served on countless occasions at El Adobe and the Western White House. It is comprised of a chile relleno, chicken enchilada and a shredded beef taco. Tricky Dick had great taste in Mexican food, that I can tell you!

Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant

(Visited November 15, 2019) Outstanding shredded beef chimichanga at Tio Leo’s in Poway! Perfectly hot and crispy. Garnished beautifully with lettuce, mater, tomatillo sauce, cheese, guacamole & sour cream. Served with Spanish rice (and beans). Lady FoodObs and I also shared this carne asada quesadilla as an appetizer. You can order it as the traditional soft folded variety, or this “crisp” version. Kind of greasy but very tasty.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

(Visited November 11, 2019) Tried the carne asada at Chipotle! Not very good. Kind of a mealy texture. I think I’ll stick with the barbacoa next time.

Blanco Tacos & Tequila

(Visited November 1, 2019) Located in Fashion Valley mall, Blanco Tacos & Tequila is more than a typical Mexican restaurant. It is an extraordinary Mexican restaurant that puts a fresh twist on Mexican food favorites. As the name implies, they specialize in tacos and tequila. Here’s an outstanding Chicken Pastor Taco. The “Warm Queso” was decent, but I would have preferred it hotter. This place is not inexpensive although it’s super fun to visit with excellent service. Highly recommended when everything opens back up.

Los Rancheros

Incredibly average order of rolled tacos at Los Rancheros in Ramona. Worse than the last time I had them here. Sadly it seems as if they’re going down hill. Tasted mostly like tortilla tubes with a sparse amount of shredded beef inside. Wasn’t even hot and I only had to walk about 10 steps from the counter to my table. (Visited October 2019)

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