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Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Outstanding chicken tortilla soup with such a stunning presentation at Nuevo Grill in Ramona, CA.


Los Amigos

#2 combination plate at Los Amigos in Ramona. Includes enchilada and chile relleno, $10 & change. I requested a beef enchilada and it was decent. I’ll get straight to it though, the chile relleno was terrible.

The egg batter was so thick and doughy it looked like some deep fried state fair monstrosity. A properly battered chile should actually resemble the shape of the chile, not a body pillow. After cutting into a few bites I finally got to the chile. Couldn’t even taste it under the heavy batter blanket. Traditionally a relleno is filled with a queso panela or oaxaca that has a soft creamy texture. When heated it will soften but not lose it’s shape. Here they used the standard taco shop yellow & white shredded blend that didn’t really taste like anything but grease. No ranchero sauce on top either. Just served dry with melted yellow/white blend on top.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of things I like at this taco shop like their barbacoa, salsa bar, carne asada burritos with lettuce, etc. Their chile relleno though was definitely a miss for me tonight.

La Cocina

Had an outstanding breakfast recently at La Cocina! A super delicious chorizo con huevos, served with rice (& beans), a daub of guacamole & pico, and hot tortillas, all on their signature foam plate. $8 & change.

The chorizo here is excellent! Mildly seasoned and not at all greasy, unlike many others I’ve had. If you’ve never had chorizo before, try it. If you ever see a chub of chorizo at the grocery store, do not read the ingredients. Actually just avoid that one and order it the next time you’re at your favorite taqueria.

Miguel’s Cocina

Outstanding Barbacoa de Res at Miguel’s! Slow roasted beef short rib with ancho chiles, tomatillo pico & chile de arbol salsa; served with hot tortillas, rice & beans. This is a big league dish full of robust flavors and so beautifully presented.

Beach Mex

One of my favorite places to get a wet burrito in El Segundo is (was) Beach Mex! Here’s their outstanding carnitas burrito smothered with a flavorful verde sauce. Sadly this place is reportedly closed.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Here I am back at Chipotle! And no, I didn’t wind up in the hospital LOL. Maybe because I’m sticking with my usual burrito bowl made with rice, barbacoa beef, cheese, salsa and not much else. I stay away from the beans, chicken, etc. Maybe that’s what’s kept me from meeting my deductible this year.

Lienzo Charro

Outstanding dinner recently at Lienzo Charro in Poway! This place is a Poway institution, in business for more than a generation. Here’s a #10 combination plate; rolled tacos and cheese enchilada. Really good. Unfortunately their draft Modelo Especial wasn’t cold enough.

The Oaks Grille

Recently I strayed from my brunch usual at The Oaks Grille and tried their machaca! I was really impressed at how well this turned out. Authentic and delicious tasting for not being a Mexican restaurant. Really shows the versatility and talent of their chefs.

Taco Bell

Tasty chicken rolled tacos at the Bell! Don’t think they’re on the menu anymore…

Hacienda Casa Blanca

Outstanding tamale and enchilada combination plate at Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon! Some of the finest chips and salsa here too.

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