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On the Border 

Usually a burrito is the perfect handheld food.  Making it “wet” though takes it to a whole new level at On the Border!  Yes, you have to eat it with a knife and fork.  This flavor and texture combination is just bomb when you blanket the whole thing in a flavorful enchilada sauce.  One of my favorite things to order at OTB. 


On the Border

One of my favorite dishes at OTB is called Ranchiladas!  Flavorful skirt steak with ranchero sauce and jack cheese, two cheese & onion enchiladas with a red child sauce.   Just outstanding!

On the Border

I’ve watched Lady FoodObs eat this a number of times and always wanted to try it.  A tremendous beef brisket wet burrito.  And this is wet two ways!   A creamy Queso sauce and a spicy red enchilada sauce.  So good and satisfying.  Their braised brisket at OTB is just outstanding.   I just love the fresh slice of thin jalapeño that crown most of their dishes.   I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I had to lay down after this meal…


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