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I went out on a limb recently for Taco Tuesday! A restaurant not necessarily known for Mexican fare really impressed me… D’Carlos is definitely firing on all cylinders when it comes to Taco Tuesday. There’s a nice selection of a la carte tacos, very reasonably priced, including carne asada; chicken; fish; shrimp; and carnitas. Add a side of black beans or Spanish rice for only $1.25 more.

I ordered one carne asada and one carnitas. Both were outstanding! Each made with unique toppings appropriate to their protein style. Tortillas were soft flour, and fresh. Meat was well proportioned and authentic tasting. My favorite of the two was the carnitas by a hair. Included sides of lime wedges and an excellent, flavorful salsa. Spanish rice was sort of odd given that it was made with a thin, long grain rice that I’m not used to. The taste and cooking style though was definitely legit and on point.

Marinade on Main

Lately I have been enjoying some great burgers in Ramona from some of our town’s well-known establishments/bars. Of all my visits to Marinade On Main though I’ve never tried their burger, until recently.

I ordered their “Signature Burger” and it was just outstanding! Farm raised chuck angus beef patty, cheddar, onion bacon jam, arugula, tomato, pickle and garlic aioli. Comes with hand-cut fries or pasta salad, $14.50. A farm fresh egg, avocado or bacon can be added to any burger or sandwich.

What stands out about this burger is its simplicity. The beef really shines through it all and it’s very clear to me that Marinade is using beef of a remarkable quality. From my understanding it’s a grass fed angus beef from a prairie farm in northern California.

The onion bacon jam is really good! Slightly sweet and smokey tasting. What comes on the burger was difficult for me to discern on its own so I’d recommend requesting some extra on the side.

Bun was an excellent bakery brioche style that was lightly toasted and stayed in tact throughout. Unfortunately the bun circumference was slightly larger than the beef patty. I like to see a more proportional bun/beef ratio.

Tremendous job from all the staff! I always see everyone working so hard and it’s very evident to me how much pride they take in the restaurant.

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