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Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding Pad Thai lunch special at Charm Thai Kitchen in Rancho Bernardo!


Pinto Thai

Outstanding Pad Thai at Pinto Thai in Ramona! Some of the best you’ll find in SoCal. Particularly good combination style, made with beef, chicken, pork and shrimp.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Not the most legit Pad Thai, but I really appreciate that I can get all of my Asian favorites under one roof.  Pei Wei’s menu is inspired by ancient Asian cooking, from the wok-fired classics of China to the street market tastes of Thailand.

Charm Thai Kitchen

One of the best places for lunch specials in Rancho Bernardo is Charm Thai Kitchen. And not just my favorite for Thai food, but an all around great restaurant. It also helps that they’re in a shopping center with one of the least jacked up parking lots in RB during the lunch rush. My favorite thing to order at CTK is the Pad Thai. They always make it with the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy!

Panya Thai Kitchen 

My favorite Thai restaurant in Escondido is Panya Thai Kitchen!  Here’s an outstanding dinner order of their excellent Pad Thai.  I ordered this one with shrimp.  The shrimps were abundant and perfectly cooked.  

Pailin Thai Cafe 

There are about four places to get Thai food in Rancho Bernardo; a north San Diego hamlet, known for geezers and tech companies.  Pailin consistently has the best Pad Thai, that I can tell you!

Pinto Thai Ramona 

Recently we put OrangeCrate through their paces and ordered from two different restaurants at the same time. It’s great that we can do this because Gail and I often disagree (lovingly) on where or what to eat! She was able to get her favorite meal from Boll Weevil and I satisfied my Asian desires with Pinto thai Ramona.  From Pinto, here’s a Pad Thai Noodles dinner made “combo” style. It includes an assortment of shrimp, chicken, pork and beef. It’s sort of “house special” style if you’re familiar with Chinese menus. These Asian dishes hold up really well under take-out conditions. It was overall outstanding, but I will say the chicken and pork were fairly dry, overcooked and somewhat tough. I would love to get this with just beef and shrimp.

I have to say, I was amazed. Both restaurants quoted a 60 minute delivery estimate to SDCE. The Orange Crate driver had both meals picked up and delivered in 36 minutes!

Erawan Thai Cuisine 

Good Pad Thai, although not the best in Rancho Bernardo. Soup/salad with lunch special, terrible. Felt like I was eating lunch in a funeral home.

Pailin Thai Cafe 

Still the best Pad Thai lunch special in SoCal!  Especially prepared with the BBQ pork.  Even the spicy Thai soup appetizer is tasty.  If you’re ever in the Rancho Bernardo area, this place is well worth the visit!

Pailin Thai Cafe 

Still my favorite Pad Thai in SoCal!  This time with chicken.  I could eat this everyday but Lady FoodObs would get upset pretty quick.  

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