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Pinto Thai

Excellent Pad Thai at Pinto Thai in Ramona! I always order it “combo style” which is like “house special”. Includes beef, chicken, pork and shrimps. Spice scale here is 1-5. Some places it’s 1-10 so you have to be careful and ask. I always request a 3 which is just right for me.


Pinto Thai

I’ve always said that Asian food makes the best takeout! Outstanding Thai Fried Rice and Pad Thai from Pinto Thai in Ramona.

Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding Pad Thai at the best Thai restaurant in Rancho Bernardo, CTK!

Jetta Thai

Excellent Pad Thai Noodle at Jetta Thai in quirky downtown El Segundo!

Thai 9

My first foray into shrimp in Ohio was with this excellent Pad Thai! Located in downtown Dayton’s historic Oregon District is Thai 9. Dayton’s premium Thai and sushi restaurant. Probably the most stunning Thai restaurant I’ve been in across America. The place is beautiful and cavernous with an old world Asian charm.

Pailin Thai Cafe

(Visited December 6, 2019) Excellent Pad Thai lunch special with BBQ pork at Pailin Thai in Rancho Bernardo!

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Outstanding Pad Thai at Pei Wei in 4S Ranch! As long as you omit the tofu that is. The consistency is still somewhat loose compared to legit Thai restaurants though.


Pinto Thai

My favorite Thai dish with the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy is definitely Pad Thai! Pinto Thai in Ramona is consistently excellent with their version.

Pailin Thai Cafe

One of my favorite Pad Thai lunch specials at Pailin Thai in Rancho Bernardo! Unfortunately it seems like their portions are getting smaller. 🤔🧐

Pinto Thai

Outstanding Pad Thai at Pinto Thai in Ramona, CA!

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