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Gino’s Ristorante

Outstanding baked penne bolognese with a big, beautiful Italian sausage nestled right on top! I’m not familiar with Italian restaurants in Palmdale, but this one was close to my hotel and seemed well reviewed. I was not disappointed! Highly recommended.



I dearly adore Arby’s, but unfortunately they’re becoming an endangered species in San Diego. On a recent trip to Palmdale I was blessed to be staying at a hotel very close to their local Arby’s. I of course had to go all out and get the half pound roast beef sammich, like a boss! Required some major jaw articulation but it was worth it. Almost evaporated their supply of Arby and Horsey sauce 😂

Don Gus Fine Mexican & Seafood

Outstanding Chile Colorado wet burrito at Don Gus in Lancaster, CA! I’ve always loved Chile Colorado as a stand-alone dish, but enveloped in burrito form is just something special. Served “wet” just transcends it to a new level. I of course was shocked and appalled to see beans served with my chips & salsa. Even if they were smooth. Made for a nice photo but that’s where I left it. Salsa was rather bland but overall a great meal and experience.

I think the most trippy part was that the front of this Lancaster restaurant is a dead ringer for our Boll Weevil in Ramona.

Yard House

Excellent fried calamari at Yard House in Palmdale, CA! I really appreciated the fact that the hideous spidery legs were kept to a minimum.

Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking

Outstanding jambalaya at Lee Esther’s in Palmdale! Chicken, house made sausage, fresh herbs and vegetables slow simmered in a rich, perfectly seasoned tomato based sauce. Served with white rice and garlic bread. You can also add shrimp and/or crawfish for an additional fee. This was a rather unorthodox, deconstructed version of jambalaya, but delicious nonetheless.

Panda Express

I’m not afraid to admit that Panda Express is one of my guilty pleasures! I don’t go there often but when I do it’s always a treat. Here’s a visit from one of my recent trips to Palmdale. Some kind of one item combo bowl thing with outstanding orange chicken and chow mein.

Yard House

Outstanding fried chicken tender appetizer at Yard House in Palmdale! Unfortunately the lumpia was terrible. Being Oktoberfest though made everything right.

Waffle Kitchen

Outstanding order of chicken & waffles at Waffle Kitchen in Palmdale! This was a really impressive restaurant! Pizza, beer, happy hour, too? My kind of place! I was stopping for breakfast on my way out of town. I’ll have to check them out for dinner (HH) next time.

Yard House

Outstanding pizza at Yard House! One of my go-to spots whenever visiting Palmdale.

El Torito

The El Torito in Palmdale is kind of depressing.  It’s part of the outer ring of restaurants at the Antelope Valley Mall and when you pull up it seems like they’re out of business!  Here’s a dish called Panuchos Yucatan.  Mini corn tortillas filled with chicken machaca, beef barbacoa or carnitas, marinated cabbage and cotija cheese.  Kind of a hot mess to eat but very tasty.  

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