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Italian Cucina

My new favorite dish at Barona Casino’s Italian Cucina is the baked penne pasta! Creamy vodka tomato sauce with Italian sausage and Parmesan. The whole thing is baked off with a thin layer of mozzarella on the top and just outstanding.


Olive Garden

Outstanding rigatoni with Italian sausage at Olive Garden! Say what you want about OG but sometimes they really nail it with their dishes. I’ve often had worse at legit Italian restaurants. The pasta was cooked a perfect al dente and the sausage had an excellent flavor and texture. The Zuppa Toscana is always a favorite with me as well.

Olive Garden 

Not the most appetizing looking dish I’ve had at OG, but tasty nonetheless.  Braised beef & tortellini.  Tender slices of slow-braised beef, portobello mushrooms, and asiago filled tortellini tossed in a basil Marsala sauce. 

Italian Cucina 

Another outstanding meal at Italian Cucina at the Barona Casino!  This time I ordered the rigatoni with beef meatballs.  This huge portion came out hot, delicious and al dente!  Definitely the best Italian restaurant within any reasonable driving distance of Ramona. 

Cheesecake Factory 

Outstanding lunch specials at Cheesecake Factory!  Here’s the Crusted Chicken Romano. 

Fettuccine and red sauce 

Threw this one together pretty quick with what I had on hand.  Fettuccine pasta with red sauce and Costco meatballs!  Outstanding meal, I think I need to lay down now. 

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Outstanding lunch specials at Romano’s Macaroni Girl!  Multi course options with salads, pasta, appetizers, etc.  Here’s a great and fresh Caesar salad with fried cheese thing and an excellent rigatoni with Italian sausage.  

Pizza Nova

One of my favorite restaurants in the Point Loma and Harbor Drive areas is Pizza Nova.  They have been serving up some of San Diego’s best wood-fired pizzas, pastas and salads since they opened their first location in 1990.  Pizza Nova has four locations now throughout SoCal.  

Here’s the outstanding “Italian Meat” pizza, made with pepperoni, sopressata salami, applewood smoked bacon and Italian sausage.  This is a hearty, protein rich pie and is always one of my usuals.  Also shown below is the Baked Macaroni & Cheese Au Gratin.  Tillamook cheddar and gruyere cheeses enveloping an excellent cavatappi pasta.  I just love the mouth feel of this type of pasta.  Kind of like a corkscrew.  It’s all topped with panko crumbs and Parmesan, then baked in a wood-burning oven.  I highly recommend adding bacon.  Such a remarkable dish!

Homemade Spaghetti 

One of my favorite home cooked meals is my outstanding spaghetti and meat sauce.  So simple, yet often far better than I can get in any restaurant.  One of the reasons is perfectly cooked pasta.  Always al dente at home when I make it.  Eating out, pasta can be a gamble.  

Pizza Nova

Here I am again at the Pizza Nova located in the Point Loma area west of downtown San Diego.  Some of the finest calamari appetizers of most most places I’ve tried.  Here’s a great and light pasta dish called “Tomato Basil Angel Hair”, made with fresh maters, basil, garlic, olive oil, etc.  Add sautéed shrimps for a nominal fee.  Outstanding dinner that left me looking for a prone position.  

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