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Rosa’s Italian Restaurant

(Visited November 16, 2019) Excellent cannelloni at Rosa’s in Pismo Beach! Cannelloni is not a common dish in Italian restaurants so when I see it on the menu I usually order it. This one had to be among the best I’ve had! Rosa’s is a top-shelf Italian restaurant with fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend them if you’re ever visiting California’s beautiful central coast.

Splash Cafe

The Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach was an absolute trip! This place is very much a dive with a consistent line out the door. Clearly a local institution and I can see why. Excellent, fresh seafood with fast, friendly service. Fried clam strips were outstanding. The chowder here is very popular so I ordered a cup. Not among the best I’ve had, but very tasty. You can order it heaped with a number of toppings like bacon, onions, cheese, random seafood, etc. Even in a bread bowl. I am definitely coming back here next time I’m in SLO.

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