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Sofie’s Pita

Sofie’s Pita is Ramona’s (second) newest restaurant and it’s a wonderful Greek/Meditteranean type affair that’s worth checking out! It’s an order at the counter and find a seat type of place. Despite that, the service was really nice. For my inaugural visit I kept things simple with a Gyros Sandwich with fries. It was artfully presented on a wooden plank but that proved unnecessary. Too much was put on a small plank that it made everything awkward to eat. I’d also recommend ordering tzatziki on the side. My sandwich had such a huge, uneven blob of it. The fries were surprisingly good! Perfectly hot and crispy. Baklava was excellent! I’m definitely looking forward to visiting Sofa’s Pita again soon. Maybe I’ll try one of their combination plates with beef and chicken shawarma.


Victor’s Kafe

Outstanding Chicken Shawerma (pronounced “shower-ma”) pita sandwich at Victor’s in Rancho Bernardo!

Victor’s Kafe

Outstanding gyro pita at Victor’s Kafe in Rancho Bernardo! Thinly sliced beef & lamb from the vertical rotisserie is enveloped in a warm soft pita, served with rice, salad and an excellent tzatziki sauce.

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