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Domino’s Pizza 

Domino’s Pizza for dinner recently! Our new family favorite is made with a white alfredo sauce plus chicken and bacon. If you haven’t tried this combination before, I highly recommend it. It’s an outstanding flavor sensation. A nice departure from the traditional, ho-hum red sauce.

Last week we had a great alfredo/chicken/bacon pie from Ramona Lisa (despite the cheese spooge) and this weekend we put Domino’s to the test. I elected to get their homemade pan style pizza and it was outstanding. Two layers of cheese, toppings to the edge, then baked in a pan for a crust that comes out golden and crispy with a buttery taste. Shown here is a medium for $12.74.

I was shocked and appalled to find out that parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper envelopes are no longer available! You can however purchase a side of these pizza condiment staples for an extra dollar each. No thank you. Anyway, I did appreciate very much the online ordering from Domino’s website. I was able to track the progress in real time. I knew exactly when Alyssa was prepping, baking, quality checking, etc. 

For chain store pizza I’ve usually been fairly impressed with Domino’s. They do a respectable job and I hold them in just slightly higher esteem than Pizza Hut.

Ramona Lisa Pizza 

Quick one today! We got two outstanding pizzas recently from Ramona Lisa. I’m pleased to report that the crust was a nice golden brown, not burnt. The order was 100% accurate and ready in the prescribed timeframe. 

Shown here is a medium white sauce (Alfredo) pizza with chicken and bacon. As you can see there an obscene amount of cheese. It was very good, but everyone agreed it was a little too salty. Also a large pepperoni/sausage that was outstanding.

Need to be very careful driving these pizzas home! Keep the box perfectly flat in the car; don’t brake too quickly; and take it slow around tight corners. There’s so much going on with all the toppings that the blanket of hot cheese easily becomes victim to centripetal force.

Domino’s Pizza 

My new favorite chain pizza is now Domino’s!  Better than that Hut place…  Even if their Italian sausage looks like some kind of animal dropping.  Anyway, the pan pizza is outstanding and the chicken/bacon with alfredo sauce is perfect for those with red sauce issues.  

Pizza Nova 

Outstanding pizzas and salads at Pizza Nova in Point Loma!  This pie is simply called, “Italian Meat”…

Little Caesar’s 

Little Caesar’s was both hot AND ready tonight!! 👍

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Quick one tonight! Ra-Mona Lisa was firing on all her cylinders this evening – which is saying something for a Friday! The place was hopping! Outstanding pizza picked up and ready within the timeframe estimated. Customer service from all there was amazing!

Domino’s Pizza 

Domino’s Pizza of Ramona for dinner recently! Here’s a medium two (and 1/2) topping pizza for $13.49. I chose the “handmade pan” crust this time – it’s made with two layers of cheese, toppings to the edge, and a crust that bakes up golden and crispy with a buttery taste.  I particularly appreciated that Domino’s offers two types of Italian sausage. You can get the standard nodule variety that falls off the pizza when you pick it up, or “sliced” from the whole link. The sliced sausage was very good and flavorful, just not enough of it unfortunately. There was ample cheese, but only a conservative amount of toppings overall. I had no idea there was such a scarcity of green peppers on the market.

I have to say this pan crust was outstanding. Typically my standard pizza crust winds up as dog treats, but the slices from this pie were consumed in their entirety. Edges were perfectly crispy and cheesy.

At Domino’s you can customize your pizza in fantastic ways! From the doneness (well done/normal bake); seasoning (garlic crust or no); and the cut (pie/square/or uncut). Not sure who would order a pizza “uncut”, but you have that option!

Not bad at all for a “chain store” pizza.

Mamma Rosa Italian Restaurant 

Mamma Rosa Italian Restaurant for dinner recently, delivered by OrangeCrate. This place receives consistent accolades for their pizza and I can see why.So many pizza places in town, but trying to get anything delivered out to SDCE can be a challenge. OrangeCrate to the rescue. Their system estimated 105 minutes for deliveries from Mamma Rosa (that’s 1 hr 45 mins for those of you taking your shoes off). I had the order at my door in just under an hour!

Here’s a medium “Meat Combo” pizza made with pepperoni, sausage, ham, meatball & bacon. It was a really good pie, but I will say the sauce was somewhat bland and flat tasting. The toppings were abundant and liberally applied. The ham was curiously cut up into tiny cubes which contributed to everything being less than cohesive. This is the kind of pizza you eat with a fork.  

I noted in my OrangeCrate order comments to put the pepperoni on top of the cheese and as you can see they easily obliged. In my experience, Mamma Rosa is one of those places that puts the pepperoni under the cheese to minimize greasiness, but I prefer it all crispy, cooked on top. 

We also tried a “Chicken Alfredo” Pizza that was excellent.

Mamma Rosa makes great pizza, but I wouldn’t say it’s remarkably better than any of the other top-tier pizza purveyors in town.

Mamma Rosa Italian Restaurant, in business since 1979, is located at 1130 D Street in Ramona. Open for dinner Weds-Mon, plus lunch on weekends.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Friday night, 6pm and Ramona Lisa answered her phone promptly. The young gal on the other side tonight was so nice & helpful; and patient with Gail’s sandwich order (which came out perfect, according to her specifications).Me and the boy shared a small “Meat Eater” pizza ($12.99). Loaded up with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, salami & “beef”. And the perfect amount of cheese I have to say!

Some reviews of late have mentioned the doughiness, and I noticed that tonight. It wasn’t undercooked by any means, but seemed like it could have stayed an extra minute or so in the oven. I will say though that the dough did not taste as flat/bland as it had the last time! Sauce was also more prominent tonight with a decidedly better flavor.

Ramona Lisa Pizza 

“Chicken Alfredo” pizza from Ramona Lisa’s. That’s right – I’ve been twice in one week! The improvement here is that noticeable.  This was from their specialty pizza section of the menu. (Shown here is the medium 14” for $14.99). Made with alfredo sauce; chicken; bacon;spinach; and onion.

This was an outstanding pie that came out better than I was expecting. Just the right amount of toppings, all thoughtfully and evenly distributed across the pizza landscape. At first the amount of bacon seemed fairly conservative. While eating it though I noted that it was just the right amount! It definitely contributed a nice smoky flavor to the whole thing. Quality and quantity of cheese was perfect. Lifting slices out of the box presented an amazing, stringy “cheese pull” that you don’t see very often.

I have to say this was a good value. Only a medium, but it easily fed two adults and an 11 year old with one slice left over.

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