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The Par Lounge

Last St. Patrick’s Day at The Par Lounge with an outstanding pizza and green beer.


The Par Lounge

Recently I had the “Aglio Supremo” pizza at The Par Lounge. It’s made with a garlic white sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green onion, cherry maters and mushrooms (omitted). Only $9 for the small (shown here) or $18 for large. This pie tasted excellent. Definitely an interesting change-up from the traditional red sauce. I think my favorite part of their pizza is the crust. I typically don’t eat the pizza “bone”, but here I consume it all.

(Tip: Request a side of ranch – perfect dip for the crust)

Pizza Nova

Another outstanding dinner at Pizza Nova in Point Loma! Here’s an excellent baked macaroni & cheese au gratin. Made with my favorite cavatappi pasta, cheddar and gruyere cheeses and bacon. All baked off in their wood burning oven. Also shown is one of the best orders of calamari I’ve had in SoCal. Love the dipping sauces!

The Par Lounge

Outstanding pizzas and cold draft beers at The Par Lounge!!

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Outstanding pepperoni & Italian sausage pizza from Ra-Mona Lisa!!

Claim Jumper 

Outstanding pizza at Claim Jumper!!

Little Caesar’s 

Outstanding $5 hot & ready at Little Caesar’s!  It’s especially great when it comes out both!  More often than not, when it’s ready, it’s unfortunately been sitting a while getting all dried out, etc.  Timing is critical! 

Ramona Lisa Pizza 

Recently I had an outstanding stromboli from Ramona Lisa Pizza. It was markedly better than previous versions I’ve had under prior ownership. Made with pepperoni, ham, salami, bell pepper, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce for only $10.99.

Roughly the size of a small throw pillow, it’s the perfect sized meal for two. There did appear to be some unfortunate moisture weepage at the base, so be sure to elevate the stromboli to prevent a soggy bottom. Oddly, the side sauce was stone cold, but it was just as well. The sauce cooked inside was the perfect amount without any extra side. 

Overall an excellent pizzeria comfort food that I would order again in a heartbeat.

Grandstand Pizza 

Grandstand Pizza makes an outstanding pie! Occasionally though they skimp on the toppings, but the pizzas are still really good! They clearly use really high quality ingredients and employ good cooking techniques. The crust here is definitely the star. I really appreciate how you can actually taste the cheese!

Domino’s Pizza 

About two days before Thanksgiving I stop cooking! Need to save myself for the big day. I thank the good Lord for Domino’s tonight and their top shelf staff! Calling in was professional and 100% accurate with my fairly complex order. I was warmly greeted upon arrival while commencing to take delivery of two outstanding pies.  

I highly recommend the sliced Italian sausage topping. Much better than those little nodules that look like something else…

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