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The Slice & Pint

El Segundo Brewing Company’s “The Slice & Pint” is a fantastic new eatery in old downtown El Segundo! As the name implies, they simply specialize in serving some great pizza, etc., along with their fine selection of local craft beers. Highly recommended!

Domino’s Pizza

Outstanding “MeatZZa” from Domino’s in Ramona!

Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria

Outstanding “Meat Eater” pizza at Tony Pepperoni’s!

Wynola Pizza & Bistro

I absolutely adore this restaurant on the side of the road in Wynola, somewhat between Santa Ysabel and Julian. There’s two distinct indoor seating areas with a very nice outdoor courtyard in the center. Order at the counter or bar, they give you a number on one of those metal stand things and find a seat. The staff and service here is excellent. Plus full bar.  

The pizzas here are excellent. Very thin crust, it is easy to eat the whole thing yourself. The Caesar salads are sometimes inconsistently made. When made good, among the best I’ve had with lots of cheese. Most recently I had their wood-fired lasagna which was very good. Served with a dinner salad that contained an excessive amount of carrots. I could sense my vision improving while driving home.

Flippin’ Pizza

Excellent two slice and soft drink lunch special at Flippin’ Pizza in 4S Ranch!

Fat Olives

Beautiful “Ms. Piggy” pizza photographed by Lady FoodObs at Fat Olives in Flagstaff, AZ! Made with a creamy pesto, mozzarella/provolone blend, smoked bacon, Molinari pistachio mortadella, wood-roasted onion and topped with an elegant basil chiffonade.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

A rather unorthodox but delicious antipasto salad from Ramona Lisa Pizza!

The Par Lounge

Outstanding Doppio Pizza at The Par Lounge in Ramona!

Ramona Lisa Pizza

April 19, 2020 – Outstanding Italian food delivered from Ra-Mona Lisa’s! They were offering free delivery (in SDCE) during all the ‘rona mess. Ordering online via their website was very easy and highly customizable. I ordered one of their excellent Stromboli’s (highly recommended if you’ve never tried). For my son, an order of cheese ravioli that includes garlic bread and a side salad (I ate the salad). I have to say, I’ve never seen such small cucumbers. Gail had one of their hot deli sammiches. Everything was great, thoughtfully packaged, hot & fresh tasting. Payment was very easy on the website with credit card where you can include tip and whatnot. Also was able to use their coupon code for 5% off. Food delivered 5 minutes ahead of their quoted timeframe of 45 minutes.

Detroit Pizza

Continuing to perfect our homemade Detroit-style pizza! This is a style of pizza developed back in the day in Detroit, MI. It is a rectangular pizza that has a thick, crisp crust and toppings to the edge. A ton of cubed cheese is what makes this pie. Special pan available from Amazon (LloydPans).

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