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Carnitas TacosĀ 

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos!  Our slow cooker pork shoulder yields so many amazing meals. 


A&S Catering & BBQ

I’m just going to share a quick review of a local Ramona outfit, A&S Catering&BBQ. They were setup among the myriad of food vendors when you walked in to last years Ramona Country Fair.

I had a really good smoked whole hog dinner plate. Includes two sides, corn and a drink for only $9. I’ve checked out most of the food vendors at the fair and this place has very reasonable prices in comparison.

Pork was tender and succulent with a nice tangy, vinegary Carolina style sauce. I didn’t really care for raisins in my cole slaw, but I will say the tater salad was outstanding! Made with dill, had a really good flavor.

Sombrero Mexican Food

Outstanding adobada burrito at Sombrero Mexican Food!  Adobada is generally pork marinated in a “red” chilli sauce with vinegar and oregano, but it can refer to different types of meat and to marinades closer to Al pastor.

Pho Hoang Express

Trying Vietnamese cuisine again. This time some sort of bone-in, flat, grilled porkchop thing.  It was very good and flavorful.  These spring rolls on the other hands tasted like I was eating rubber gloves!  Not going to be ordering those again. 

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