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Rene’s Mexican Grill & Cantina

Tasty taco & enchilada combination plate at Rene’s in Poway!

Hamburger Factory

Excellent Blue Burger (add bacon) at HBF in Poway! A liberal amount of blue cheese on this beaut, served open faced with LTOP on the side. I asked for tots but got their terrible fatty steak fries instead which I do not care for.

Villa Capri Trattoria & Wine Bar

Excellent Spaghetti alla Carbonara at Villa Capri in Poway! One of the best carbonara’s I’ve ever put in my mouth. And I’ve had many, including my own homemade. A classic Roman dish made with pancetta, freshly cracked black pepper, parmigiano cheese and egg in a light cream sauce. Highly recommended.

Smokin J’s BBQ

One of Poway’s newest restaurants, Smokin J’s is a BBQ powerhouse! Located near Old Poway Park, their small storefront puts out some of the best Que I’ve had in SoCal. I believe they’re in the process of expanding and will have ample dine in facilities soon. Everything here is made from scratch, in-house. I’ve had their brisket a couple times and it is excellent. Quite moist and richly marbled. They also make a delicious looking pecan pie (my fave) that I can’t wait to try soon!

Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant

(Visited November 15, 2019) Outstanding shredded beef chimichanga at Tio Leo’s in Poway! Perfectly hot and crispy. Garnished beautifully with lettuce, mater, tomatillo sauce, cheese, guacamole & sour cream. Served with Spanish rice (and beans). Lady FoodObs and I also shared this carne asada quesadilla as an appetizer. You can order it as the traditional soft folded variety, or this “crisp” version. Kind of greasy but very tasty.

Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant

(Visited November 8, 2019) Outstanding hot cake breakfast at Franco’s Flapjack in Poway! I just love the name of this restaurant. Sausage patty was somewhat bland though. Service and atmosphere were terrific. I’m not sure if they’re currently open for takeout. I cannot wait to go eat there again after all this ‘rona blows over.

Rene’s Mexican Grill & Cantina

Had dinner recently in Poway at Rene’s Mexican Grill & Cantina. Back in the day, this place was better known as “El Comal”. It’s nestled in the corner of a run down strip mall among a myriad of tacky thrift shops. Probably one of my favorite Mexican spots in Poway (there aren’t many). The same people have been working here for generations but service is always rather slow. The booths are so tight you have to be super skinny to fit comfortably. Probably why we don’t go that often. Food is always good though. Here’s an excellent enchilada and tamale combination plate.

Lienzo Charro

Tasty chimichanga at Lienzo Charro in Poway! Could have been fried a little longer though. Not really crispy enough.

Lienzo Charro

Like Ramona, most of Poway’s Mexican restaurants are just varying degrees of mediocre. Lienzo Charro on the other hand is usually a standout for us. Here is their beautiful “Carne Asada del Charro”. Strips of succulent filet mignon, grilled to perfection, served with with a cheese enchilada, guacamole, salsa fresca and hot tortillas.

Players Sports Bar

A rather unorthodox yet tasty Cobb salad at Players in Poway. I probably would not order this again here.

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