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Texas Roadhouse

Back to that same Texas Roadhouse across from my hotel where I had that great grilled chicken salad. This time was the worst “prime rib” I’ve ever put in my mouth. That salad though with the boiled egg, etc. was outstanding. Not to mention the warm yeast rolls and soft butter from the get go. I could just eat a basket full of those.

The Butcher Shop

Excellent prime rib of beef at The Butcher Shop in San Diego! If you’ve never been, this is an old school, legit, classic Chicago-style steakhouse. The ambiance here is elegant, dark, intimate, etc. Rich dark wood paneling, red leather booths, gleaming brass appointments, beautifully etched glass panels and a cozy fireplace make this restaurant a must visit!

Black Angus

Outstanding prime rib and wedge salad at Black Angus! Unfortunately the fire-grilled “jumbo” shrimp were anything but.

Outback Steakhouse 

Outstanding prime rib dip sammich at Outback!  Made with thin-sliced seared prime rib with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, Aussie fries, etc.  Also had a starter of their very tasty clam chowder.  

The Main Course Restaurant 

Not the best dishes we’ve had here at Main Course.  This was an appetizer special, tater skins loaded with prime rib meat.  Sounded good and it was fairly tasty.  Wouldn’t order it again.  The avocado sauce was bland and pretty unappetizing looking.  Not sure what they were thinking with this one.  

The Caesar salad was good, but they clearly did not waste any time cutting the romaine!  This is a routine phenomenon in fine dining restaurants I’m noticing.  They make you cut your own Caesar salad!  I’m really not a big fan of this culinary twist. 

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