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The Pub Beavercreek

The Pub claims to have the best fish & chips in the U.S. Well, I tried them and I can tell you that I don’t disagree! Beer-battered haddock, house-made tarter sauce, etc. I just loved this British pub. Great menu, beers, beautiful decor and genuine hospitality.

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub

Outstanding order of hot, crispy and delicious fish & chips, albeit somewhat bland. O’Sullivan’s is a super neat place in downtown Esco with sketchy parking.

Company Pub & Kitchen

Quite possibly the most hideous culinary presentation I’ve ever seen!  But it was darn good nonetheless.  Company Pub call this “Quack Mac & Cheeze”.  The sausage is made with duck and bacon.  The Mac is a Gouda, cheddar and shaved Parmesan.  One of the best pub grub spots around. 😭


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