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Marinade on Main

One of the best desserts in Ramona, that I can tell you!  The amazing butterscotch pudding at Marinade on Main. 


Marinade on Main

Recently at Marinade on Main I tried the “Habanero Marmalade Wings”. Wings were huge and meaty, came out with 3 flats and 2 drummettes, tossed in a pineapple orange habanero sauce, topped with chives and crushed peanuts. You can order regular or spicy. I got spicy and it was just right, about a 5. This was an outstanding order of wings! Kind of messy though – I felt like I had to take a shower when I got home…

For dessert we tried the Butterscotch Pudding ($6). The pudding didn’t have a heavy butterscotch flavor, it was more subdued, topped with a daub of some kind of caramel sauce and crushed toffee candy. It’s cutely presented in a small 4oz mason jar resting atop a big wood plank. This was an excellent dessert, I just wish there was more! Seriously, the dish it’s served in could double as an ashtray when you’re done.

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