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Baked Rigatoni

Outstanding baked rigatoni with bechamel sauce! This was a great recipe we made recently from Giada De Laurentiis. Italian comfort food at its finest. Turned out excellent. Props to anyone who knows which other Food Network star this beautiful baking dish is from.

Pinto Thai

Outstanding Thai fried rice and cheesy crab things at Pinto Thai in Ramona, CA!


As many people have noticed recently, our Ramona Denny’s has really turned things around! Could not have been more evident on our last visit! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner experience here and will certainly be back soon. I was astonished at not only the level of attentive service, but how quickly everything came out! I remember back in the day being the only one in the restaurant and waiting literally 30 minutes for a simple breakfast to come out. And I’m not exaggerating on either account. 

I tried one of their new burger specials, the “Southwest Chorizo Burger”. Beef burger blended with chorizo sausage and topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, pepper jack queso and some sort of five pepper sauce. Served with lettuce, mater, red onions and pickles on a cheddar bun, with fries. Only $11.19. The burger was outstanding with a distinct smoky and spicy chorizo flavor. As hearty as that bun was though, it succumbed to the hot & juicy patty and moist burger-set. After a few bites it all turned into a hot mess, but it was delicious. Highly recommended.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding Chicken Club Sandwich at The Par Lounge in Ramona! Grilled sourdough bread enveloping chicken breast, jack cheese, bacon, maters and a tasty buttermilk “ranch” sauce.

Boll Weevil

The venerable “Boll Weevil Salad” at the Weev in Ramona! Romaine lettuce topped with blue cheese crumbles, real bacon bits, red onions, crunchy croutons & maters, served with balsamic vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken for $3 more and it’s an outstanding meal in itself!

Wasa Sushi Bar & Grill

Definitely the most stunning teriyaki chicken bowl I’ve ever been served! Congratulations to Wasa Susie on their recent grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony! If you haven’t checked this place out yet, you’re missing out. One of my new favorite restaurants in Ramona.

La Cocina

Outstanding chicken & rice burrito from La Cocina in Ramona, CA!

The Oaks Grille

I didn’t have a hangover, but “The Hangover” omelette at The Oaks Grille was excellent. Made with sausage, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, etc. During their weekend champagne brunch I usually go for the benny. I mixed it up this time and was impressed. Eggs not over cooked, perfectly crispy and hot hash browns. The avocado presentation could have been better, but overall a great dish. Paired perfectly with two complimentary glasses of champagne!

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Outstanding grilled carne asada steak enchiladas at Nuevo Girl in Ramona, CA! Still the biggest and best in town, that I can tell you.

The Par Lounge

I was at The Par Lounge on Thursday and experienced their fun new theme celebrating “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT)! For several weeks now on Thursday nights they’ve been featuring a number of culinary classics that have withstood the test of time. I was in hog heaven when I learned they were featuring Chicken Parmesan this past Thursday. A popular dish that has been a staple in restaurants since the 1950’s. The Par’s chicken parm was reasonably priced at only $12.

When my order came out I was impressed by the size of the chicken. I’m not certain if it was pounded or butterflied, but it had a nice uniform thinness all throughout. The chicken itself was thoughtfully brined which made it tender, moist and succulent. It had a modestly seasoned parmesan breadcrumb coating and a luxurious blanket of melted mozzarella cheese. The side of spaghetti could have been a larger portion. It seemed fairly diminutive next to the huge slab of chicken, although the plating and presentation were beautiful. It was obvious the marinara was house-made and not off the Sysco truck. Made with San Marzano maters, etc., it was excellent. Not overly robust like you get at some places, but well balanced and flavorful.

The only thing that would have perfectly rounded out this dish would be a nice, crispy piece of buttery garlic bread. It would be great if they carried this chicken parm on their everyday menu; I would definitely order it again. Other #TBT dishes I’ve seen them feature include Beef Stroganoff and even meatloaf. I have no doubt these would be delicious, modern adaptations from the talented chefs at OG/Par. Looking forward to trying them soon.

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