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The Oaks Grille

(Visited December 7, 2019) Outstanding Eggs Benedict for champagne brunch! Always perfectly poached eggs here. The OG was decorated beautifully for Christmas with fresh poinsettias on the tables and whatnot.

Casa de Food Obs

Outstanding homemade panko crusted fried chicken cutlet with fettuccine alfredo.

The Par Lounge

(Visited November 27, 2019) Outstanding Cobb Salad at The Par Lounge in Ramona! One of my favorite things to order here. Can’t wait for this ‘Rona mess to be over so I can have another one.

Boll Weevil

(Visited November 22, 2019) Outstanding Pastrami Burger at Boll Weevil in Ramona! Quarter pound steerburger covered with melted Swiss cheese, topped with with a pile of hot ‘strami and more melty Swiss. I ordered with their excellent, hot & crispy onion rings.

Franco’s Flapjack Family Restaurant

(Visited November 8, 2019) Outstanding hot cake breakfast at Franco’s Flapjack in Poway! I just love the name of this restaurant. Sausage patty was somewhat bland though. Service and atmosphere were terrific. I’m not sure if they’re currently open for takeout. I cannot wait to go eat there again after all this ‘rona blows over.

The Oaks Grille

(Visited November 2, 2019) Outstanding Denver Omelette for champagne brunch at The Oaks Grille in Ramona, CA!

Los Rancheros

Incredibly average order of rolled tacos at Los Rancheros in Ramona. Worse than the last time I had them here. Sadly it seems as if they’re going down hill. Tasted mostly like tortilla tubes with a sparse amount of shredded beef inside. Wasn’t even hot and I only had to walk about 10 steps from the counter to my table. (Visited October 2019)

The Par Lounge

Outstanding fish & chips at The Par Lounge in Ramona!


One of the better specialty burgers I’ve had recently was the Bacon Jalapeño Cheeseburger at Wendy’s! Made with a quarter pound hot beef patty, pickled jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, crispy fried onions, a savory cheese sauce and a smoky jalapeño sauce. Not as messy as it sounds, it ate really well.

Hacienda Casa Blanca

Outstanding chimichanga combination plate at Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon!

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