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Dunkin Donuts

Probably the best tasting thing I’ve ordered at Dunkin Donuts. Plain bagel, toasted with cream cheese.


John Little Catering

Recently attended an event for the Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic catered by John Little Catering. They did an outstanding job! This bread pudding dessert was particularly remarkable.

Taco Bell

This naked egg taco thing is probably the biggest culinary abomination I’ve ever been served at Taco Bell!

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Love happy hour at Nuevo Grill! My fave on the HH menu continues to be the taquitos. Only $3.50, it’s their excellent carne asada meat chopped up, mixed with jalapeño and their red enchilada sauce, all grilled up, then hand-rolled into these tasty stubby chubbies… M-F 3-6p, worth a visit (depending on what you order). Plus the dollar off drink specials and outstanding chips & salsa.

The London Bakery

The London Bakery has hit an absolute home run with their amazing chicken pot pie! I was finally able to try one recently and it was outstanding! Comfort food at it’s finest. It was immediately evident that these pies are skillfully and artfully prepared using a traditional English recipe. They use a shortcrust on the bottom which is then filled with the most savory and hearty pot pie filling. It consisted of numerous large chunks of tender breast meat and a few vegetables in a flavorful cream/white wine/tarragon sauce. The whole thing is topped with puff pastry that came out brilliantly crispy, flaky, buttery and tasty! Back in the day I recall being a fan of the Chicken Pie Shop downtown, but those were pretty institutional by comparison. If you’re a pot pie fan like I am, you’ve gotta check these out. I don’t believe they’re available every day but I recommend following them on FB, The London Bakery, where they regularly publicize their specials. To my knowledge you can also purchase them uncooked to bake at home. Great idea for the upcoming cooler fall and winter months. This fantastic bakery is definitely putting Ramona on the map. I’ve had the puff pastries, scones, sausage rolls here and other goodies, so I can see why people are coming “up the hill” to shop at this special place.

Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck

Back to Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck for quite possibly the best tasting, and biggest burrito I’ve ever put in my mouth! This was the Surf & Turf made with perfectly grilled, tender and flavorful arrachera and shrimps. Mixed with just the right amount of grilled onions and peppers, and slices of fresh avocado. The tortilla was legit. Hot and supple, just how I like it.

This time, instead of eating in Samba’s parking lot, we took our bomb burrito down the street to one of our favorite watering holes, and Ramona institution, the Turkey Inn. This food truck is lights out, on point! Definitely worth the drive up the hill for some serious Mexican food goodness.

Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck

Recently tried the Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck! Without a doubt, the best Mexican food I’ve had in Ramona. That, I can tell you. The food here is predominantly mariscos (seafood) style. There’s a nice selection of tacos, tostadas, soups, seafood cocktails, quesadillas and burritos. I’ll post a photo of their menu in the comments.

I ordered a camaron (shrimp) taco and a marlin taco. Both were outstanding! Authentic flavors, ingredients and cooking methods were certainly evident here. Everything was fresh tasting and affordable. This food truck is legit! Don’t hesitate to give it a shot sometime. Located at 1252 Main Street in the Sambas Liquor parking lot. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11am-9pm.

Domino’s Pizza

Still one of my favorite chain pizza stores, even when they miss about a quarter of the pie with topping love! 😫

Taco Bell

I love a good wet burrito and have had many throughout SoCal over the years. When I discovered that the Bell had a smothered burrito, I had to try it. It was surprisingly tasty! I’d recommend ordering this but I don’t think it’s on their menu anymore.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Quick one tonight! Outstanding stromboli from Ramona Lisa Pizza for dinner. One of the best things on the menu! Made with pepperoni, ham, salami, bell pepper, mozzarella and marinara. Only $10.99. Great job as always from the gang there!

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