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Pinto Thai

Outstanding Pa-nang Curry at Pinto Thai in Ramona!

Old Town Mexican Cafe

Finally back in SoCal after two weeks in Ohio! Time to thaw out. AND time for some Mexican food. Not far from the airport, located in San Diego’s historic “Old Town”, is the Old Town Mexican Cafe. This place has been a staple since 1977. All their food is handmade and authentic from the finest ingredients available. I kept things simple with an excellent wet burrito.

Waffle House

On my way to the airport I decided to have a nice breakfast at Waffle House! I wanted to go somewhere ubiquitously regional. It was either this or Bob Evans LOL. I think I made the right choice. Grits are a favorite of mine and they were excellent here. And of course no trip to WH would be complete without, well… a waffle. The place was full of “salt of the earth” locals and the service was great. Overall an outstanding meal that sat well for my cross country flight.

Giovanni’s Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano

Last night in Ohio so I went back to revisit one of my favorite restaurants over the last two weeks. Such a fine specimen of a pizza. So delicious and such a thin, crispy crust, I easily ate the whole thing. Plus the best house salad I had while here in the Buckeye State.

Jimmy‘s Italian Kitchen

One more trip to Jimmy’s while in Ohio to try their lasagna. I just love this restaurant. I ordered the meat lasagna and it was excellent! Baked in the oven until piping hot with lots of cheese, etc and a flavorful red sauce. The meal was served with tasty garlic rolls and a fairly underwhelming house salad. I certainly look forward to eating here again if I ever return to southwest Ohio.

Wandering Griffin

Excellent pork belly mac & cheese at Wandering Griffin! Their use of penne pasta though was rather pedestrian. Would have been much better made with a nice cavatappi pasta.

Thai 9

My first foray into shrimp in Ohio was with this excellent Pad Thai! Located in downtown Dayton’s historic Oregon District is Thai 9. Dayton’s premium Thai and sushi restaurant. Probably the most stunning Thai restaurant I’ve been in across America. The place is beautiful and cavernous with an old world Asian charm.

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

Outstanding pizza at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen in Kettering, OH! Such a charming Italian family restaurant with excellent service. They have been making pizza with homemade dough and their family’s secret sauce recipe since 1975. And whenever I travel east of the Mississippi I always enjoy at least one or more Yuengling beers.

Tank’s Bar & Grill

Tank’s is an institution in downtown Dayton. Filled with salt of the earth locals and a trippy vibe with some great food. I had an outstanding Reuben sammich and cup of delicious chili.

Wandering Griffin

I enjoyed a bar-food bonanza at Wandering Griffin in Beavercreek, OH! Outstanding, fatty fried cheese curds and an order of excellent chicken wings. This place is an impressive, spacious brewpub offering exceptional house-brewed craft beers. The space is expansive, contemporary and inviting. Will not be my last visit here during this trip, that I can tell you.

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