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Way Point Saloon

Outstanding dinner at Way Point Saloon! This place (includes UTHG) remains consistently in the top two burger spots of Ramona. While Gail continues to order her beloved “Mountain Man”, I always try to branch out to something different. This time I had “The Rancher”. Made simply with smoked cheddar, bacon, onion rings & BBQ sauce… That’s it! Only $12.95, includes side.It’s served open faced with a tower of onion rings stacked atop the hot, juicy beef patty. The whole thing is artfully drizzled with a decent BBQ sauce. I wound up having to eat most of the rings separately, leaving about one or two before I was able to construct the burger in a way I could actually pick it up. (Wish I had brought a change of clothes). This was actually perfect because I dearly adore both their beer battered fries and onion rings. Choosing fries as my side allowed me to enjoy both! 

Outstanding service as always. Love all the great folks that keep WPS/UTHG humming.

Omni Rancho Las Palmas 

Last year we spent an amazing weekend at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa.  Of course for me, the biggest standout was the food!  This Omni is located in Rancho Mirage, just east of Palm Springs.  Outstanding lobster Mac & cheese and a remarkably good hamburger.  Can’t wait to go back!

Babe’s BBQ & Brewhouse 

One of my favorite restaurants in the Coachella Valley is Babe’s BBQ & Brewhouse in Rancho Mirage!  Outstanding happy hour specials.  Amazing po’ boy sammich; excellent BBQ shrimp with garlic fries and the best boneless beef shortrib sampler I’ve had!

Pizza Nova 

Outstanding pizzas and salads at Pizza Nova in Point Loma!  This pie is simply called, “Italian Meat”…

The Par Lounge

So, for the next few posts I’m going to review some of the great appetizers at The Par Lounge. The appetizers here are easily a meal in themselves! Their happy hour is a generous 4 hours, Mon-Fri, 3-7pm. Why limit “happy” to only an hour, right? During HH it’s $2 off everything on the “Great Bites” section of the menu.

Here’s an outstanding order of onion rings, only $3 (HH price). I’ve reviewed this before during our onion ring series so I’ll just stick to the highlights. Despite being frozen, still probably in the top 3 onion ring orders in Ramona. A fair amount comes out hot & crispy in a faux newsprint lined basket. I noticed a new dipping sauce along the side that was so good! Some sort of a spicy ranch type dip.

Be sure to check your itemized ticket at the end. Sometimes there are keying errors and you don’t always get the happy hour pricing.

This place has a modern, top shelf atmosphere with numerous flat screen TVs, patio seating with great golf course views and outstanding service.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

This Korean spicy bowl thing with steak at Pei Wei was remarkably good!!


Outstanding lunch recently at Quizno’s of Ramona! I just had to get in to try one of their new Ciabatta Toasties. (I’ll admit, I just like saying “CiabattaToastie”!)There are three to choose from including Ham & Swiss; Little Italy; or Southwest Club. I chose the Ham & Swiss which is made with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a tasty honey mustard sauce. The Ciabatta Toasties are only $3.50! (For $2 more you can make it a combo deal that includes chips and a fountain drink).

This was a full size ciabatta square roll loaded up with sammich goodness then toasted. After toasting it’s heaped with a liberal amount of fresh, crisp produce. It was the perfect size for me. I could eat these everyday.

The two ladies working today were so helpful, nice, patient and genuine. The dining area is fairly conservative in size, but was clean and comfortable nonetheless.

Company Pub

Sadly, this restaurant is no longer in business, but they put out an amazing BBQ pulled pork nachos!  Also shown here is an appetizer portion of their outstanding mac & cheese.  Company Pub in Poway, CA will be missed!

Up the Hill Grill 

We recently ordered from My Orange Crate again and I have to say this service is a godsend! My time is of great value and to not have to drive into town for carry-out and deal with all the rigmarole, etc., is worth the modest delivery fee. When I ordered on a Friday night, the system quoted an estimate of 60 minutes. I had my food in 40 minutes!  We ordered from one of our favorite places, Up the Hill Grill. Gail got her usual “Mountain Man Burger” with onion rings (pictured below). I chose the “Chef Salad”.

According to their menu, the Chef Salad is made with turkey, ham, bacon, smoked cheddar, swiss, and a hard boiled egg on crisp greens with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radishes & croutons (your choice of dressing).

First observation, there were no boiled eggs or croutons! Lettuce was one of these fancy, eclectic mixes that I liken to tissue paper. It was decent, but I think I would have preferred just good old iceberg and romaine! The “smoked cheddar & swiss” was more like an institutional pre-shredded Kraft Mexican cheese blend. Lastly, my dressing choice was not the best. I chose blue cheese, which did not hold up well in transit. While it was packaged in a separate, sealed container, it seemed to almost separate and become rather unappealing. I’d recommend an oil/vinegar type dressing if you choose to have this delivered. Part of the problem might have been that UTHG packaged the cold and hot food together in the same bag.

Salsa Mexican Food

Beef taco and cheese enchilada combination plate at Salsa Mexican Food ($8.25). I’ve had some pretty decent burritos here in the day. Also good carne asada chips / fries, etc. The combination plates however have just been very average for me.  Taco was the typical fried, crispy type, which is good, but there was a pretty conservative amount of beef inside. Enchilada was fair, I’ve had better at other taco shops in town. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the enchilada sauce tasted like it was from a can. Rice was not hot. Almost room temperature in fact. I did appreciate that it was all served on a real plate though!

For some time I have observed this phenomenon with taco shops. All enchiladas come out with a mountain of lettuce heaped on top! You don’t see this happening to enchiladas at sit-down Mexican restaurants. There was so much lettuce that a small pool of water formed on the plate. I guess I should be glad it was washed, just not adequately dried.

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