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Boll Weevil 

The best order of fish & chips in Ramona is still at Boll Weevil!  Thursday nights only, all you can eat.  This has been a weekly tradition at the Weev for sometime.  Despite the prices creeping upward, it’s still the best value in town. 


The Par Lounge 

Oaks Grille / The Par Lounge still make the best tasting and most beautiful Cobb salads in Ramona.  That, I can tell you!

Pizza Nova 

Outstanding pizzas and salads at Pizza Nova in Point Loma!  This pie is simply called, “Italian Meat”…

Up the Hill Grill 

We recently ordered from My Orange Crate again and I have to say this service is a godsend! My time is of great value and to not have to drive into town for carry-out and deal with all the rigmarole, etc., is worth the modest delivery fee. When I ordered on a Friday night, the system quoted an estimate of 60 minutes. I had my food in 40 minutes!  We ordered from one of our favorite places, Up the Hill Grill. Gail got her usual “Mountain Man Burger” with onion rings (pictured below). I chose the “Chef Salad”.

According to their menu, the Chef Salad is made with turkey, ham, bacon, smoked cheddar, swiss, and a hard boiled egg on crisp greens with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radishes & croutons (your choice of dressing).

First observation, there were no boiled eggs or croutons! Lettuce was one of these fancy, eclectic mixes that I liken to tissue paper. It was decent, but I think I would have preferred just good old iceberg and romaine! The “smoked cheddar & swiss” was more like an institutional pre-shredded Kraft Mexican cheese blend. Lastly, my dressing choice was not the best. I chose blue cheese, which did not hold up well in transit. While it was packaged in a separate, sealed container, it seemed to almost separate and become rather unappealing. I’d recommend an oil/vinegar type dressing if you choose to have this delivered. Part of the problem might have been that UTHG packaged the cold and hot food together in the same bag.

Ramona Lisa Pizza 

Antipasto Salad at Ramona Lisa’s. With our dine-in order I added a “small antipasto to start, no olives”. For $5.99 (large is only $1 more) it’s made with lettuce, tomato, salami, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, black olives and pepperoncini.  Unfortunately it came out with the food, and not before. Included olives, but no pepperoncini. The most notable omission was any sort of dressing! Came out completely dry. I will say everything was fresh and crisp though. All ingredients were represented in a very generous and abundant fashion. Particularly the cheese as you can see, although I’ve never had an antipasto made with shredded cheese. I did address my concerns directly with the manager on duty and was very well taken care of!

Wound up exchanging this for a meatball sub.

The Par Lounge

Last minute pizza dinner at The Par Lounge recently. Here’s the “Combo Pizza” for $17. Made with pepperoni and Italian sausage. Honestly, I think I like the smaller, individual versions better. This larger one had a conservative amount of cheese, and an even more conservative amount of sausage/pepperoni. Still tasty, just not a great value in my opinion…First time trying an add-on dinner salad (only $3). I was impressed. A good amount of fresh lettuce, shredded cheese, cucumbers, maters, croutons, etc.

Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company 

Outstanding lunch specials at a San Diego sports bar institution!  Individual pizza with a cold, fresh, crisp salad is an amazing combination.  Here at Oggi’s you have an impressive array of creative pizzas to choose from.  I chose what they call “The Heavyweight”.  Made with Canadian bacon, ground beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami and all natural ham.  Looked and tasted excellent!  Caesar salad accompaniment was equally tasty.  


Voted San Diego Magazine’s best pizza & salad winner two years in a row.  This place has three locations in SoCal and dishes out some amazing pizza lunch specials. 

The Green Spot

This place is kind of on the crunchy side, but still one of the better lunch eateries in 4S Ranch.  Outstanding handmade salads, wraps, etc. 

Panera Bread

One of the best tasting, yet most haphazardly constructed Cobb salads around. 

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