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King’s Fish House

Excellent salmon cake at KFH in Mission Valley! I could have used fewer greens on top but it was pretty.

The Par Lounge

Excellent char-broiled salmon at The Par Lounge in Ramona!

Kona Kai Resort & Spa

Outstanding crispy skin salmon over udon noodles at Kona Kai’s Vessel Restaurant on Shelter Island!

Red Lobster

Outstanding Salmon New Orleans at Red Lobster in La Mesa, CA! Fresh blackened salmon crowned with shrimp tossed in a Cajun butter sauce.

Black Angus

Outstanding grilled salmon at Black Angus in Escondido!

Marinade on Main

We celebrated the end of 2017 with an outstanding dinner at Marinade on Main! I tried the “Blackened Salmon Pasta”. Made with blackened salmon, cajun pasta and farm fresh kale, $19.

The salmon was cooked perfectly. A nice, spicy blackening seasoning with a spot-on pink, moist center. The beautiful seared crust exterior complimented the tender medium doneness interior.

The linguine pasta was cooked a very nice al dente. Unfortunately it was dressed on the dry side. I’m a big fan of their “Marinade’s Alfredo Pasta” with fried chicken and was hoping this one had the same luxurious mouth-feel. This dish was very well seasoned and flavorful but could have used more stock or cream in the pasta itself.

The addition of kale and roasted cherry maters was excellent. Definitely added a great burst of farm fresh flavor.

Red Lobster

Outstanding wood fire grilled salmon, lobster and shrimp at Red Lobster!

Claim Jumper 

Outstanding Salmon Oscar at Claim Jumper!  Grilled salmon fillet topped with jumbo lump crab meat, lemon butter and grilled asparagus spears.  Definitely one of the best seafood dishes I’ve enjoyed at CJ!

Outback Steakhouse 

Happy New Year!  Here’s some of the best dishes I had at Outback last year.  Always loved their perfectly cooked grilled salmon!  Also an outstanding blue cheese wedge salad and loaded mashed tater thing.  

The Par Lounge

Par Lounge (Oaks Grille) for New Years dinner tonight. Went out on a limb and ordered the “Korean Glazed Salmon”. For $19 it’s grilled Atlanticsalmon with a Korean BBQ glaze, rice pilaf and a Thai slaw.  This was an impressive dish and the kitchen delivered a fantastic presentation. Salmon was cooked perfectly with a nice exterior sear and moist, flaky center. Not at all overcooked! I considered the portion to be just right.

It was served with a fairly conservative amount of rice pilaf that I didn’t really care too much for. A lot going on here. Not sure what all was in it, but not really the traditional pilaf I’m used to. Not terrible, but I’m not gonna sugarcoat it… I would have probably liked the dish better with just a side of fries.

I was expecting the Thai slaw to be a more featured component of the plate, but it was basically just a garnish on top of the salmon.  

For $3 extra I started with a cup of clam chowder. Of all the times I’ve eaten here I never tried their clam chowder. It was better than I expected. I would order this again! Full of tender potatoes, bacon and clams. And most importantly, no sand! I did have to add some salt & pepper though.

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