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Which Wich

Most sandwich shops these days give you the option of ditching the bread and having your sammich as a salad. I tried one recently at Which Wich. I created an order that mirrored a traditional Cobb salad as best I could. It was very tasty and ate like a meal, just wasn’t quite the same. The avocado was all mashed up guacamole style and the sliced turkey was overly salty.


Flippin’ Pizza

Pizza is my middle name and Flippin’ does not disappoint with their two slice lunch specials!

Pinto Thai

Outstanding dinner recently at Pinto Thai! Crab Fried Rice for $13.99. Made with fried jasmine rice, fresh crab meat, egg, green & white onions, peas, carrots and tomatoes in their special sauce. I’m not exactly sure what was “special” about the sauce, but it was a very good fried rice dish. 

This one did not have the traditional up front soy sauce flavor, it was more delicate and subdued. It did however have a great spicy note with unique, herbaceous and fresh tasting flavors. The consistency was on the drier side compared to most fried rice dishes I’ve had. You’ll find a liberal amount of crab throughout, although no lump meat! It mostly consisted of smaller bits of a more institutional, foodservice grade quality of crab. Fairly conservative amount of egg and green onion. Would have benefitted from more. For those of you who love cucs, Pinto garnishes most of their plates with several thick slices of cucumber. Acts as a nice cooling agent when you have a spicy dish.

This was a huge serving that could have been easily shared by two. I ate most of it and I’m pleased to report that it did not leave me feeling all bloated afterwards.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Without a doubt, Freddy’s is one of my favorite fast food restaurants! This time I ordered Freddy’s Original Double! Two outstanding steak burger patties, cheese, mustard, onion & pickle on a toasted bun. I think the biggest standout for me are their remarkably thin patties. It makes for the perfect charred surface area to meat ratio. They also have two delicious types of fry sauce that you can serve yourself out of a giant squirt dispenser.

Chicken Charlie’s Table

The Duke of Deep-Fat-Fried and the Godfather of Fair Food has recently opened a new restaurant in Rancho Bernardo! Chicken Charlie’s Table is an awesome and comfortable, laid back, clean restaurant with outstanding service. There’s even items on the menu that the health conscious among us would appreciate. This place really impressed me.

For my first time out I kept it simple with a Chicken Tenders Basket. Chicken was hot and juicy with a flavorful, crispy coating. Fries were beer battered style which I love, but could have come out hotter. I cannot wait to go back and try just about everything else on their extensive menu!     

Hacienda Casa Blanca

Outstanding Hacienda Carne Asada Plate! Probably one of the more stunning dishes I’ve been served at Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon. A huge portion of their char grilled tender, flavorful carne asada steak is served with a tasty cheese enchilada, rice (& beans) and hot, supple tortillas.

Reds, Whites & Brews

Reds Whites & Brews is my favorite beer & wine bar in SoCal! They’re located in what was once called the “Pioneer Store,” a historical building on Main St. in Ramona, CA. It is the oldest structure in Old Town Ramona with its original construction dating back to 1883. It previously served as a waypoint for gold miners traveling from San Diego to Julian.

Such a comfortable and relaxing place with a perfect selection of local Ramona wines coupled with SoCal craft beers, including Ramona’s own Smoking Cannon Brewery. This time I had an excellent Mike Hess Double IPA, then an outstanding peanut butter stout. Everyone working there was genuine, knowledgable and sweet. Open daily at 2:00 pm (Saturdays at noon). Totally worth checking out if you’re never been.

On the Border

I’m not sure if it’s still on their menu, but this brisket quesadilla is one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth at On the Border!

Cheesecake Factory

Such a thoughtful collection of small plates available at The Cheesecake Factory! This time I tried the cheeseburger spring rolls. Simply delicious. Hot, crispy and surprisingly good. Also their Greek salad. Those were some serious cucumber chunks though! Could have been chopped a bit smaller.

Way Point Saloon

The appetizer menu at Way Point Saloon / Up the Hill Grill continues to evolve in creative and exciting ways! Here’s an outstanding order of duck wings. Deep fried and glazed with a honey citrus bourbon sauce. I was expecting them to be a little more meaty, but they were delicious nonetheless.

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