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Carin de Ria

Outstanding chicken pancit at Carin de Ria in Escondido!



I celebrated National Sammich Day in style recently. Went to my favorite sandwicheria in town, Quizno’s! Been wanting to try their new gyro flatbreads – so that’s what I did. These two gyros cost only $7.20. A big league value!

The gyro meat was very tasty. A seasoned beef & lamb mixture that was tender, flavorful and moist. Also included crumbled feta, banana peppers, shredded lettuce, maters & onion, topped with tzatziki sauce. Traditional gyro sandwiches usually don’t include feta and peppers but on this Quizno version it really made it a standout. Highly recommended! Overall, the whole combination of flavors and textures was just outstanding. I only wish the flatbread was a little softer/more supple.

The Oaks Grille

Tasty country fried steak for brunch recently at The Oaks Grille. The steak is clearly off the Sysco truck but that gravy though is remarkably good!

The Par Lounge

Super excited to check out the new menu at The Oaks Grille/Par Lounge! First section I focused on was their assortment of premium a la carte sides. It featured my favorite vegetable, macaroni & cheese, so I had to try it. Made with cavatappi pasta, a legit béchamel incorporating gruyere and provolone cheeses, topped with crispy breadcrumbs. Only $5. Honestly, I was impressed with the portion size. I could have made this a meal in itself, along with a couple of draft IPAs. The best version of top shelf mac & cheese I’ve had in Ramona to date. That, I can tell you. I consider myself a m&c connoisseur and what I had tonight was outstanding!

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Excellent chicken chow mein at Pei Wei!

Carin de Ria

Outstanding beef stew over garlic fried rice at Carin de Ria in Escondido! Their lumpia on the other hand was terrible.

Dunkin Donuts

Probably the best tasting thing I’ve ordered at Dunkin Donuts. Plain bagel, toasted with cream cheese.

John Little Catering

Recently attended an event for the Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic catered by John Little Catering. They did an outstanding job! This bread pudding dessert was particularly remarkable.

Red Lobster

Outstanding wood fire grilled salmon, lobster and shrimp at Red Lobster!

Pailin Thai Cafe

Outstanding Panang curry lunch special at Pailin Thai Cafe in Rancho Bernardo! Somewhat on the thick side but still very tasty.

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