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Linguine con Vongole

Outstanding homemade Linguine con Vongole made with fresh clams from my favorite Costco in Poway, CA!


Claim Jumper

Outstanding wedge salad at CJ! They have one of the best happy hours in SoCal with a thoughtful collection of small plates.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Outstanding Pad Thai at Pei Wei in 4S Ranch! As long as you omit the tofu that is. The consistency is still somewhat loose compared to legit Thai restaurants though.

Italian Cucina

Another outstanding dinner at Barona Casino’s Italian Cucina! Probably the most stunning order of lasagna I’ve ever been served.

Way Point Saloon

Probably one of the most remarkable burger creations in Ramona, and my personal favorite, is the ‘Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger’ at Way Point Saloon. A half pound pure beef patty is seared on the grill then basted with a maple syrup/brown sugar/cayenne pepper/bourbon glaze. It all seeps into the meat while it finishes cooking and gets slightly caramelized on the edges. What sends this burger over the top has to be the mound of deep fried red onions & jalapeños! Outstanding flavor combinations going on here.

La Cocina

Outstanding shrimp ranchero at La Cocina in Ramona, CA!

Ralph’s Fresh Fare

I may not eat sushi from a gas station, but a grocery store?  No problem!  Especially when it’s as good as Ralph makes it!

Casa Sol y Mar

Outstanding Chile Colorado at Casa Sol y Mar! One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in SoCal. Love their mariachis too!

Jack in the Box

The so-called food truck sandwiches at JIB earlier this year were just terrible! This Banh Mi thing was such a hot mess. Fortunately the Pannido is out now which really impressed me.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Outstanding Seafood Fajita Fantastico at Nuevo Grill in Ramona, CA! Your choice of freshly grilled Wahoo, sautéed shrimps or Langostino lobster. Cooked to perfection with succulent peppers & onions; includes all the typical Mexican accoutrements and hot tortillas. The whole affair is served on one of those sizzling hot platter things that allows you to not only see and smell your food, but hear it as well!

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