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Thunderbird Restaurant

“Home of the Ho-Made Pies”, the Thunderbird Restaurant is such a trippy place with great food. Located in the middle of nowhere, southern Utah at a wide spot in the road known as Mt. Carmel Junction in the town of Orderville. I ordered “The Larry”. Slow cooked roast beef, thinly sliced ham, plus American & Swiss cheese grilled on Texas Toast. Remarkable sandwich!

Way Point Saloon

I just have to say, the outdoor seating affair at Way Point Saloon is really well done! Numerous high-tops spread out in a semi-enclosed tent thing. Provided the perfect wind break and 100% shade. Most important to me was the stability of the table. Rock solid considering I was in a parking lot. Not wobbly at all. Service the entire time was fast, friendly and thorough! It’s always a pleasure eating here and enjoying a couple libations. I’m pretty sure they sport the largest draft beer selection in Ramona.
I ordered “The Rancher” which is something I haven’t had here in about 5 years. Smoked cheddar, bacon, onion rings and a tangy, somewhat spicy BBQ sauce – that’s it! Only $14.95 (plus modest ‘rona surcharge). Includes your choice of side; I always get their delicious beer battered fries. Today reminded me why I haven’t ordered The Rancher in 5 years. After eating this I had to take two showers and then lay down. This time though the burger seemed to be more thoughtfully constructed. I’m thinking the cook might have a degree in structural engineering or perhaps is a veteran of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I appreciated how the onion rings were concentrically stacked. At any rate, I highly recommend this one as well as their Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger or Bacon ’N Bleu. All outstanding choices.

Miner’s Diner

Miner’s Diner is an adorable diner in the heart of downtown Julian. Simple menu here consisting of burgers, dogs and sandwiches. They also offer a variety of hand mixed milkshakes and malts, delicious ice cream, and hand mixed sodas. Service and atmosphere are very much 5 star. I ordered a Reuben Sandwich and it was tasty. The corned beef was somewhat dry and tough but it was nicely constructed with plenty of sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, grilled rye, etc. The standout for me was definitely the fries! Thin, hot & crispy, just how I like them. And the two dressings I had on the side (thousand and ranch) were of very good quality. If you’re looking for simple diner fare and appreciate fast, friendly service, I highly recommend Miner’s Diner.

Richmond Bar & Grill

Outstanding pastrami burger at Richmond Bar & Grill in El Segundo, CA!

Boll Weevil

Tasty Philly Cheesesteak with the most adorable Swiss cheese ghost at the Weev in Ramona!

Jersey Mike’s

The ubiquitous sammich for me that exemplifies Jersey Mike’s has to be their #13 Original Italian! This is a legit Jersey-style Italian sub, made with provolone cheese, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni. Just outstanding, especially when ordered Mike’s way (plus mayonnaise).


On a quick two day road trip to Jerome, AZ! We stopped in Yuma for a quick bite. I dearly adore these tasty ham & cheese croissant sandwich things at Starbucks.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding Ortega Melt at The Par Lounge in Ramona! Parmesan crusted sourdough, turkey breast (not enough), pepper jack cheese, Ortega chile, maters and chili aioli (fancy mayonnaise). Served with my favorite side, fried tots! Truly a combustion of flavor.


“The Super Bird” is an excellent hot sandwich at Denny’s! Sliced turkey breast with bacon, Swiss cheese and maters on grilled sourdough. It’s always hard for me to decide between this and my beloved “Moons Over My-Hammy”.

Claim Jumper

Excellent Lobster BLT sandwich at Clam Jumper in San Diego!

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