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On a quick two day road trip to Jerome, AZ! We stopped in Yuma for a quick bite. I dearly adore these tasty ham & cheese croissant sandwich things at Starbucks.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding Ortega Melt at The Par Lounge in Ramona! Parmesan crusted sourdough, turkey breast (not enough), pepper jack cheese, Ortega chile, maters and chili aioli (fancy mayonnaise). Served with my favorite side, fried tots! Truly a combustion of flavor.


“The Super Bird” is an excellent hot sandwich at Denny’s! Sliced turkey breast with bacon, Swiss cheese and maters on grilled sourdough. It’s always hard for me to decide between this and my beloved “Moons Over My-Hammy”.

Claim Jumper

Excellent Lobster BLT sandwich at Clam Jumper in San Diego!

The Par Lounge

Excellent Hot Pastrami sandwich with tasty fried tots at The Par Lounge in Ramona!

Junction 52 Bar & Grill

Tasty Pastrami Sandwich at Junction 52 in Santee! Loved the addition of lettuce, maters & onion which cut through the rich fattiness of the delicious ‘strami.

Jersey Mike’s

The ubiquitous sammich for me that exemplifies Jersey Mike’s has the be their #13 Original Italian! This is a legit Jersey-style Italian sub. Made with provolone cheese, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni. Just outstanding, especially when ordered “Mike’s Way” (plus mayonnaise).


Visited May 30, 2020 – A Ramona institution since 1977, D’Carlos Restaurant finally opened (in May) after the first big ‘rona shutdown! I was so happy to be back dining in their spacious, beautiful and shaded patio area. I ordered an outstanding “Philly Sandwich”. Full of hot, seasoned, thin sliced roast beef, grilled onions & bell peppers and melted pepper jack cheese on an excellent sourdough roll. Only $12.95 with your choice of side. I had the seasoned fries with a side of their delicious creamy horseradish.

Ramona Cafe

Excellent club sammich at Ramona Cafe!

Jersey Mike’s

Outstanding “sub in a tub” at Jersey Mike’s! It’s basically any of your favorite sammich choices in the form of a salad, with no bread. I think it’s best with their delicious #13 which is what I got here. The only problem was they didn’t slice all the way through the meat roll-up thing so it all kind of stuck together at the bottom. Recommend eating with a knife. And let’s face it, I just love saying “sub in a tub”!

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