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The Par Lounge and Deck

Enough roughage, it’s time to get back to some normal food groups like grease, brown and yum! Outstanding “Ortega Melt” at the Par Lounge and Deck in Ramona. Parmesan crusted sourdough, turkey breast, pepper jack cheese, Ortega chile, maters and chili aioli (fancy mayonnaise). Served with my favorite accompaniment, fried tots. Unfortunately this tasty sandwich is no longer on their menu.

Sidny’s Bagels & Deli

Excellent “Roast Beef BLT Sandwich” at Sidny’s in Rancho Bernardo! This place is a great New York style deli offering a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. They slice the meat after you order the sandwich so it can be as fresh as possible.


Outstanding “Reuben Grill” at D’Carlos in Ramona! Corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on grilled marbled rye with 1000 island. It wasn’t all stacked like a Jewish deli but it was tasty nonetheless. The fries however could have been cooked longer and maybe some seasoning added. Kind of flaccid and bland.

Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria

Excellent Detroit Cheesesteak at Tony Pepperoni in Carmel Mountain Ranch!

Elmisa Cafe

Outstanding “Allen’s Tuna” at Elmisa Cafe in Rancho Bernardo! Albacore tuna salad, avocado, Swiss, organic arugula, spinach, tomato, pickled onions on jalapeño cheddar bread. There’s a lot going on with this sandwich. Such a great combination of contrasting textures and flavors.

The Cork and Craft

Tasty Shrimp & Lobster Roll at The Cork and Craft in Rancho Bernardo!

Phil’s BBQ

Outstanding Bratwurst Sandwich at Phil’s BBQ in Rancho Bernardo! This was a limited time special served during Oktoberfest season.


I am incredibly excited that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is finally open in Ramona! I have been a fan of this fried chicken chain for some time. It was fun to see the construction progress unfold over the last few months as a tired old Subway morphed into a beautiful new Popeyes on the west end of town. They had only been open about four days when I made my first visit. The restaurant was very well staffed; the energy and enthusiasm among the employees was infectious. Everything did seem to move along at a deliberate and thorough pace though. We dined in and it took about 20 minutes for the food to come out. Definitely better than waiting in the meandering drive-thru right now.

I finally took this opportunity to order their legendary chicken sandwich. Surprisingly, I had never had one until now. You can choose one of two styles; classic or spicy. I ordered the classic version. It was obvious that their chicken portions for these sandwiches is very inconsistent. Mine was rather petite unfortunately. There was a liberal amount of mayonnaise which I appreciated. Decent amount of pickles too that I could taste in every bite. The chicken itself was hot, moist and perfectly crispy. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it though, it seemed pretty bland overall. Like they were only using 2 or 3 herbs and spices when the industry standard is 11.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

Second visit to Tom Ham’s. Absolutely stunning views and an exceptional setting on Harbor Island. Unfortunately the food part is still somewhat shaky. My Crab BLT came without the B! The clam chowder is still not served hot; plus has corn in it which is just off putting. I’ll order something different next time. Maybe brunch.

Grub Burger Bar

Excellent “You’re My Boy Blue” burger at Grub Burger Bar in Carmel Mountain Ranch!

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