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Karl Strauss

Outstanding “Beer Sausages” at Karl Strauss in 4S Ranch! Grilled cheddar brat and a chili-chicken link plus fries, pickled onions and a spicy honey-sriracha mustard.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

My favorite thing to order at Chili’s! Their outstanding “BBQ Combo” with jalapeño-cheddar smoked sausage and half order of baby back ribs, sauce on side. Plus street corn, fries, tasty toast and a nice cold draft IPA.

Pioneer BBQ

(Visited December 26, 2019) Outstanding 2 Meat Combo at Pioneer BBQ! Cheddar sausage was excellent, brisket decent, mac & cheese nothing to write home about, and tater salad that was remarkably good.

Dyer’s BBQ

Back in Amarillo after a long day of driving! We originally intended to have dinner at The Big Texan but the wait was obscene. Instead we lucked out and had a great dinner at Dyer’s BBQ just down the road from our hotel. The Dyer family has been serving their family BBQ recipes in the Texas panhandle for over 50 years! I enjoyed a great combination plate that included brisket, jalapeño sausage, incredibly smooth tater salad, etc.

Hob Nob Hill

A San Diego institution since 1944, Hob Nob Hill is one of SoCal’s best restaurants! Located in downtown San Diego’s Bankers Hill neighborhood, you’re immediately transported to another era when you step inside. We were fortunate to go on a weekday late morning for breakfast. Made for easy, close parking and other environmental factors were limited.

I ordered a simple two egg breakfast with perfectly cooked sunny side eggs. The hand formed sausage patties were outstanding. The O’Brien taters were excellent. You don’t see these very often. Also pictured below is Lady FoodObs great looking order of her go-to, Eggs Benedict.

Pioneer BBQ

One of my new favorite restaurants in east county, Pioneer Barbecue in San Carlos is an absolute standout! They sport an impressive menu with a thoughtful and original selection of smoked meat combos, brisket-topped burgers, whiskey-glazed meatloaf sandwiches, and many other BBQ classics. The atmosphere, vibe and service is all top-shelf. I was really impressed! Totally worth the short drive down from Ramona. A plethora of beer on tap and a full bar with great looking cocktails. I highly recommend if you haven’t been.

I ordered a two-meat combo and selected the split chicken and links. Chicken was a brined, tender, smoked half-chicken that was just excellent. Crispy skin and moist, succulent meat. The links were smoked beef and pork dotted with cheddar cheese nodules. Some of the best BBQ sausages I’ve had! Tater salad was outstanding. Made with bacon, mayo, onion, celery, and whole grain mustard. The mac & cheese exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have high hopes after looking at photos on Yelp. I had to order it though since it’s my favorite vegetable! Not the best mac I’ve had but it was really tasty. The mac here is topped with crispy chicharron which is a nice touch!

Italian Cucina

Excellent house made baked Italian sausage with tagliatelle pasta and arrabbiata sauce! At Barona Casino’s Italian Cucina.

Dunkin Donuts

Tried the new “Maple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich” at Dunkin Donuts last weekend. Made with egg, sausage patty, some sort of white cheese (not sure what it was), all on a croissant. $3.49, sandwich only.  Much better than the terrible chicken biscuit I had there back in the day. Although I will say the best part of this sandwich was the warm, toasty croissant. The egg was fairly institutional tasting; cheese had no discernible flavor; sausage had a nice, somewhat sweet maple-y flavor.  

I’m going back soon to try their new “Lemon Croissant Donut” – looked really good!

Company Pub & Kitchen

Quite possibly the most hideous culinary presentation I’ve ever seen!  But it was darn good nonetheless.  Company Pub call this “Quack Mac & Cheeze”.  The sausage is made with duck and bacon.  The Mac is a Gouda, cheddar and shaved Parmesan.  One of the best pub grub spots around. 😭


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