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The Par Lounge

Outstanding fish & chips!


Plaza Grill

New England Lobster Roll – new on the menu at Barona Casino’s Plaza Grill! Made with generous chunks of Atlantic lobster, lemon mayonnaise, chives, etc., all on the perfect toasted buttery bun. Served with cole slaw and old bay fries, only $14.95.

This was just outstanding. Exceeded my expectations for Barona. I’ve had great lobster rolls back east and this one stood up with them. Not some dumbed down west coast version.

If you’ve never tried the Plaza Girl at Barona, give it a shot sometime.


Quick one today… Outstanding lobster mac & cheese at Quizno’s! A meal in itself, you can order this side plain for $5; with bacon or chicken for $6; with bacon and chicken for $7; or their lobster/seafood meat stuff for $8.


Outstanding toasted sub at Ramona Quizno’s recently! I tried the lobster and seafood scampi bake and it was remarkably good. Made with garlic-baked lobster & “seafood”, mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms & onions, tomatoes, then finished with a garlic aioli. Only $7.60 for a good sized 8 inch.

Lobster/seafood was a fairly conservative amount, but I was expecting that. Had big, fresh tasting succulent chunks. I was really impressed. Abe did a masterful job in constructing this sandwich. No unfortunate spooging or dripping. All very easy and enjoyable to eat. I typically do not put cheese anywhere near seafood, but the mozz on this sammich was mild in flavor and helped act as a binding agent.

Galley at the Marina

Casual waterfront dining on south San Diego Bay in the Chula Vista marina. Galley at the Marina is a great restaurant, bar and grill ideal for a leisurely lunch, sunset dinner, or weekend breakfast. I had the classic fish & chips which were just excellent. A generous portion that included slaw. If it wasn’t an hour from home we’d go more often for sure…

Boll Weevil 

The best order of fish & chips in Ramona is still at Boll Weevil!  Thursday nights only, all you can eat.  This has been a weekly tradition at the Weev for sometime.  Despite the prices creeping upward, it’s still the best value in town. 

Brigantine Seafood 

Outstanding crab cake appetizer at Brigantine in Poway!  I’ve had the best in Maryland and other places back east.  This one wasn’t quite up to those standards, but still remarkable for a SoCal crab cake.  

Boll Weevil 

Still the best fish & chips in Ramona!  Only on Thursdays that is… I think the price has gone up a couple dollars but it’s still the best value in town for all you can eat. 

Antonio’s Pizzeria 

Tremendous order of fish & chips from a pizzeria of all places!

Descanso Beach Club

Outstanding popcorn shrimp appetizer at the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island!  Just a short walk north from the casino is this amazing oasis. 

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