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Switchback Grille

I went out on a limb and ordered crab cakes in Utah! I was not disappointed, although I could have done without all the corn LOL. Switchback Grille is probably the most stunning restaurant in the area. The building is beautiful inside and out. Also enjoyed an exquisite wedge salad and a smartly presented creme brûlée.

Cracker Barrel

Last March we embarked upon a great road trip to Southern Utah! Zion National Park, Springdale, etc. After about 8 hours of driving we made it to St. George and had an outstanding dinner at the Barrel. Excellent grilled rainbow trout with a side of mac & cheese, hash brown casserole and hot biscuits!

Marinade on Main

Tasty fish & chips accompanied by a delicious and refreshing slaw at Marinade on Main in Ramona! I’ve ordered this a few times here and this time the batter was particularly thick in some areas yielding an undercooked, gummy texture in spots. Any visit would not be complete without an order of their excellent butterscotch pudding!

The Par Lounge

Excellent Shrimp Capellini at The Par Lounge in Ramona! This is one of their more exquisite dinner dishes and one of four composed pasta dishes on the menu. The shrimps (4) are always plump, succulent and perfectly cooked. The pasta is usually fairly close to al dente, although not quite. It’s hard to nail angel hair just right. The delicate garlic white sauce with lemon, capers and tomato is delicious. Comes with bread! Highly recommended.

Texas Roadhouse

Finally visited the new TX Roadhouse in El Cajon! I’ve been to one recently in OH that left me unimpressed for a variety of reasons. Here though I was plesantly surprised and had a really good experience. All the staff was so nice. Of course on your way to being seated they grab a fresh basket of warm yeast rolls and their soft, whipped butter. I know people who could just eat a bunch of these and be satisfied. We were seated in “Willie’s Corner” which is a really cool table that pays colorful homage to Willie Nelson.
My wife and I love those bloomin onion things from that other restaurant. Honestly, the only decent thing there. So we tried the TR version known as a “Cactus Blossom”. Cute name. I liked it, but my wife thought it was too heavily breaded. I will say it made it difficult to separate the delicate onion petals. The accompanying sauce was excellent with a nice horseradish bite. For my main I ordered the Fried Catfish. It was outstanding. You can choose 3 or 4 filets, lightly breaded in southern cornmeal, which are quite large and not at all bland. Served with a tasty Creole mustard sauce and choice of two sides. I love the house salads here. The addition of chopped boiled egg is a nice touch.

The Godfather

We celebrated last New Years Eve at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in San Diego, The Godfather! Excellent Linguine ai Frutti di Mare. Such a beautiful and delicious display of seafood goodness.

Kountry Kitchen

I “parked in rear” and enjoyed an outstanding fish & chips dinner at Kountry Kitchen recently! Three beer battered hot & crispy cod filets, served with tartar sauce, plus excellent fries and house salad for only $14.49. First time ordering the F&C here and I was impressed. Clearly NOT off the Sysco truck, that I can tell you. First time back to KK since their remodel and it was absolutely stunning inside. Highly recommend visiting if you haven’t been in a while.


Truluck’s delivered a truly phenomenal dining experience! Everything from start to finish was a complete standout; from the service, to the food and the absolutely stunning atmosphere. Dining outside did not take away from anything at all. My wife and I ordered a number of dishes, drinks, etc. Highly recommended, although be prepared to open your wallet wide.
Cup of lobster bique was very good. A nice, velvety texture and elegantly presented. No discernible chunks of lobster but there were a few bits. Crab Louie Cocktail was delicious with a generous amount of crab. The remoulade was not as bold as I was expecting. It was really quite subtle. Miso Glazed Sea Bass was excellent. I don’t think I’ve ever been served such a thick portion of sea bass. It was perfectly cooked. It was served on a bed of crab fried rice which I found to be pretty unremarkable. Portion amount wasn’t quite enough. Might have been more noteworthy if I had tried it as a standalone side.

The Par Lounge

Outstanding Calamari appetizer at The Par Lounge in Ramona! Super delicious and artfully presented, I easily ate the whole thing. It’s adorned with beautifully blistered shishito peppers, roasted peanuts, fresh lime, etc. Includes sides of a tasty sweet chili sauce and a savory peanut sauce. A very nice Asian inspired spin on calamari that is not over the top.

Junction 52 Bar & Grill

Excellent fish & chips at Junction 52 in Santee!

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