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Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

Love this Mexican restaurant in Lake Elsinore!  One of my all time favorite combination plates with an excellent cheese enchilada adorned with green onions, etc. It’s all so hot that the cheese gets crispy on the edges.  Plus the best tamale I think I’ve had anywhere.  This thing is huge and dolloped with tender chunks of beef. 

Grub Burger Bar

Outstanding Cheesy Bacon Front Porch at Grub Burger Bar in Carmel Mountain Ranch!

Rock & Brews

The chicken wings are on point at Rock & Brews in El Segundo, CA!

North Italia

I’ve eaten chicken parmigiana at many fine Italian restaurants throughout SoCal. Probably the best I’ve put in my mouth was at North Italia in El Segundo recently. Their pasta here is house made daily and it tastes like it! The dish here is paired with a nice rigatoni in a garlic cream sauce. Really nice balance to go with the red sauce chicken. I could eat this everyday!

El Gringo Mexican Restaurant

Outstanding house chicken burrito at El Gringo in El Segundo! All the burritos here are served “wet” style with your choice of their delicious red or green sauce, covered with melted cheese. Inside includes rice, beans, lettuce, mater, onion and cilantro. The whole thing is then adorned with nice daubs of guacamole and sour cream.

Black Bear Diner

Back to BBD, this time in Signal Hill, CA, just outside of Long Beach. Here’s some sort of southern style Benedict thing. Made with hot biscuits, sausage patties, eggs, etc., all smothered with country gravy! I had to lay down after eating this!

P.F. Chang’s

Outstanding happy hour California roll sushi at PF Chang’s!

Thai Dishes

Kind of a trippy Thai restaurant in the El Segundo/Inglewood area called Thai Dishes. It reminds me of one other Thai place that I’ve been where I compared it to eating in a funeral home. The staff was just so depressing and lifeless. The Pad Thai was tasty and the decor sufficiently lively and tacky though.

La Sirena Grill

One of my new favorite Mexican restaurants in SoCal is La Sirena Grill! They make some of the best looking and fresh tasting food you can find. This wet burrito was just stunning!

Frijoles Mexican Restaurant

One of my new favorite Mexican restaurants in the Inglewood/El Segundo, CA area is Frijoles! Anyone that knows me can see the irony here! Anyway the place looks like a dump from the outside, but that’s usually a good sign. Just down the street from LAX on Aviation Blvd. The patio is terrific with just the right amount of tacky Mexican decor that I appreciate. Here’s an outstanding tamale and enchilada combination plate.

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