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Sombrero Mexican Food 

This is the “Special Burrito” at Sombrero’s, and what a marvel it is!  Your choice of beef or chicken with beans, rice and lettuce made into a huge burrito roughly the size of a small pillow.  The whole thing is then made totally amazing with a generous blanketing of their signature enchilada sauce and cheese.  I could eat this every day but would probably weigh 300 pounds…


Sombrero Mexican Food

Ok, this creation is my recent contest entry at Sombrero! The surf & turf bowl. Made with seasoned Spanish rice, lettuce, carne asada, sautéed shrimp, guac, crema and cotija cheese. Lime wedges on the side. Unfortunately there’s no shrimp! Guy at the counter today said “we can’t do half & half”, which is odd because you make a surf & turf burrito. Oh well, it was still very tasty!

Sombrero Mexican Food

Outstanding Chicken Chipotle Bowl at Sombrero’s!  Sometimes it’s nice to have all the Mexican goodness in one dish that you can eat with a fork and not have to worry about making a mess of things. 

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