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Sushi Lounge Poway

The Sushi Lounge in Poway is a fantastic restaurant! I really like their new location much better. Very spacious, clean and bright inside. Very good, efficient staff, food comes out fast. I had the pork gyoza, pan fried, and they were quite tasty. Unfortunately, I did not see the Lobster Cali Roll on the menu anymore. Might be due to supply chain issues right now that are effecting so many things. I opted for the Spider Roll instead which was excellent.

RB Sushi

Outstanding crispy gyoza at RB Sushi!

Ralph’s Fresh Fare

Here’s a tray of my favorite grocery store susie! Spicy California roll from Ralph’s. I appreciate the faux grass decoration but it didn’t make anything taste better. This store has an amazing fresh food area with foodstuffs that would appeal to any taste.

Wasa Sushi

Wasa is our local Ramona sushi type restaurant. Ownership of this place changes every couple of years. Sometimes the name too. I don’t think they’re even open right now. Not sure why. During my last visit I enjoyed a nice shrimp tempura roll and crispy gyoza.

Sushi Kami

Outstanding Crunch Shrimp Roll at Sushi Kami in Rancho Bernardo! Tempura shrimp, krab, avocado, & cucumber, topped with crunch and eel sauce.

Wasa Sushi Bar & Grill

It’s about time I went in to check out the new Wasa Sushi Bar & Grill. I can’t believe I waited this long! A family run business with dad and daughters, I could not have felt more welcomed and at home. The place was even beautifully decorated for Christmas. I met the new proprietor and it was immediately evident that he has a passion for this business and making it succeed. It was almost infectious. Such a super nice guy and family. 

I ordered a Shrimp Tempura Roll. Made with tempura shrimp, crab, avocado, sprouts and cucumber; rolled with both nori and soy paper, topped with eel sauce. The presentation itself was simply stunning! It tasted as good as it looks, that I can tell you. The last time I ordered a shrimp tempura roll here (Da Tuna Shack), it was $9, in December 2014. Four years later, it’s still only $9! I was impressed. 

In my opinion there are only a handful of restaurants in Ramona that are absolute standouts. I now consider Wasa Sushi among them! If you’re not a fan of susie, there are plenty of other great options; they have much more than just sushi. In fact they’re open for lunch now with an expanded menu, including deli sandwiches, loaded fries and whatnot. I look forward to visiting Wasa again soon!

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen

Outstanding Teriyaki Crunch Roll at Pei Wei! Mango California Roll topped with crunchy tempura flakes, drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce and wasabi aioli.

Ralph’s Fresh Fare

I may not eat sushi from a gas station, but a grocery store?  No problem!  Especially when it’s as good as Ralph makes it!

P.F. Chang’s

Outstanding happy hour California roll sushi at PF Chang’s!

RB Sushi

Excellent crispy gyoza at RB Sushi!

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