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The London Bakery

Quick one today! Outstanding cream puffs at The London Bakery! Only $3.75 each… filled liberally with sweet cream, all inside a reasonably flaky pastry shell. Almost the size of a small baby’s head. Two people could easily share just one.

Yogurt Barn

The Yogurt Barn is one of my favorite cold treat places in Ramona! Outstanding froyo here that you serve and top yourself. Can be kind of a cluster when there’s more than two people in line.

Marinade on Main

One of the best desserts in Ramona, that I can tell you!  The amazing butterscotch pudding at Marinade on Main. 


Cinnabon to go is an amazing thing!  That is all.  


Recently I took Lady FoodObs back to D’Carlos Restaurant to get one of their outstanding chocolate eclairs. I have to say, this is probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever put in my mouth! This thing is huge; roughly the size of a small slipper or moccasin (about a men’s size 8). It’s only $6 and is served with a knife so you can cut it in half to share with your Hunny. (Tip for the guys: always take the smaller half!)

The eclairs at D’Carlos are filled with some sort of cream/custard filling, and a lot of it! The whole thing is then blanketed with an excellent warm, thick and rich chocolate sauce. Almost like a ganache.

I think what set this apart for me was the temperature contrast. The cold cream filling combined with the warm chocolate sauce made for an amazing oral sensation!

Julian Pie Company 

Outstanding pies, sweets, baked goods, etc at Julian Pie Company! 

B&C Funnel Cakes 

The ubiquitous fair food!


The highlight of any trip to the mall has to be Cinnabon!  Occasionally we like to get what they call the “Caramel Pecanbon”.  It’s the rich taste of caramel and pecans added to their already delicious cinnamon rolls.  Considering my favorite pie is pecan, it should come as no surprise that this is my go-to order.  Next time I fully intend to try “Center of the Roll”.  The best part of the roll with even more ooey-gooey goodness.  How could you go wrong!


Edelweiss Bakery

Here’s a great pecan bar from Edelweiss Bakery.  This place has been in business since 1967.  Two locations in San Diego with a history of more than three decades serving some pretty elite clientele.  What they put out is just amazing!


Edelweiss Bakery

So happy to have such a great bakery close to the office so I can bring home some sweet treats to the family!  No, these eclairs haven’t been there since 1967, but this great bakery has.  


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